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Top 5 Destination in Gangwon-do

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Located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean peninsula and flanked by the sea & mountains, Gangwon-do is full of natural attractions. Visitors can enjoy fantastic view of Seoraksan & Mt. Chiaksan. On the east coast are other tourist attractions such as beaches & clean coastline. There are countless ski resorts in the province due to the heavy snowfall in the winter on the mountains.

Now lets check on the Top 5 places to visit in Gangwon-do:

Top 1
Rail Bike in Jeongseon
The Rail Bike in Jeongseon is in the limelight of leisure sports that families and lovers can enjoy together. Rail-bike is especially produced to drive for 15-20 km per hour above the rail by pedalling. The rail bike operates for 7.2km from Gujeol-ri that was once a terminal station of the Jeongseon line to Auraji station. Here you can observe the best Korea's mysterious land & fragrant nature.
18,000 won for 2 people & 26,000 won for 4 people
Top 2
Nami Island
Nami Island is a one of the top tourist attraction places all thanks to the powerful influence from Korean drama -Winter Sonata. You can view many on-location photographs from Winter Sonata, signatures of staff & signs regarding the outdoors sets of the drama. There are 53,560sq yards of chestnuts tress & poplar trees around the isle & Island.

Recommended time of visit: May, July, August, October
Check out on the info - How to get to Nami Island
Top 3
Seoraksan National Park
The mountain was named Seorak because the snow would not melt for a long time keeping the rocks in a permanent state of white. The sunrise viewed from Daecheong peak is spectacular and should not be missed. Daeseong Waterfall, which is 88m high & located north of Jangsudae is the most beautiful site of Naeseorak.

From Sokcho or Sokcho Express bus terminal take city bus No.7 & get off at the entrance of Mt. Seoraksan (30mins ride)
From Sokcho Intercity bus terminal, taxi takes 15-20mins to the entrance of Mt. Seoraksan
Adults (Age 20 & above) 8,000 won

Top 4
Odaesan National Park
Odaesan National Park was designated as a national park in 1975. Its name was derived from the following 5 plateaus: Manwoldae, Jangryeongdae, Girindae, Sangsamdae & Jigongdae. The royal azalea & Geumgang Chorong from Duro peak to Sangwang peak are famous & there are animals such as boars, musk, deers, turtledoves and colourful woodpeckers living there!

Mountain not accessible during this period: March-April / November 16 - December 15
Top 5
Yongpyong Resort
The Yongpyong Resort is situated at the center of Korea's Baekdudagan Mountains. And its one of the excellent place for skiing. Yongpyong Resort has an impressive 28-different ski slopes including the popular Rainbow slopes & offers excellent facilities for skiers.
8.30am - 10pm (Night time skiing until 12.30am)
PS: I don't take any credits for the pictures posted here! ^^

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Unknown said...


Do you know how long to travel to yongpyong resort from sokcho si?


Unknown said...

It really depends on from where u depart. If u take a bus from Sokcho Bus Terminal to Gangneung takes around 1 hour & from Gangneung take a bus to Hoenggye 30 mins. At Hoenggye take their free shuttle bus or taxi. So approx. 2hours. Or u may take the shuttle bus from Seoul direct to Yongpyong resort for approx 28,000won. Travel time around 2.5 hours. May check details here http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/trans/tr_sbus.asp

Unknown said...

i cant take direct bus to yongpyong, coz i have booked a hotel in sokcho. i can't get any room in yongpyong :(

thanks for your information :)

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