Monday, 21 May 2012

Air Asia~~Now Everyone Can Fly

Posted by Carrie Ang
Air Asia Big Promo!
Why don't you take this opportunity to travel. =)

Air Asia BIG Promo

Bet most of you are already planning on your exciting trip,so I like to take this chance to share with all readers on the know-how to Korea! =D
Hope it helps ease your trip there! 
So why wait, book your tickets now!~♥
The promo is only from 16-20 May, So for those who miss out on this promo
Don't fret! There's always a next time! =)
For those who already got their hands on the flight tix
♥♥Have Fun♥♥

Enjoy the trip! Here's all the additional info. Hope it helps! 

Top 10 destination in Gyeonggi-do [coming soon]
Top 10 destination in Jeju-do [coming soon]
Useful Korean phrases [coming soon]
How to shop duty free in South Korea [coming soon]
Korean Cuisine [coming soon]

Visiting Korea by Theme:
Okay face it not everyone has the same agenda in mind, but you could plan your trip base on your prioritize places in mind.

UNESCO World Natural Heritage [coming soon]
Experimental Programs & Exhibition Halls [coming soon]
Theme Parks & Performances [coming soon]
Korean Drama and Movie Filming Locations [coming soon]
Shopping [coming soon]


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