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How to get to Nami Island

Posted by Carrie Ang
There's a few ways to get to Nami Island; either by Subway, ITX train, normal train, Shuttle bus, local bus. But I would recommend going there by Shuttle bus if you are a first timer, less stop, less hassle.

But if still prefer to go by Subway, here's how:
By Subway
Now, you need to take the train from Sangbong Station (Line 7 / Gyeongchun line / Jungang Line) to Gapyeong Station, Gyeongchun line (the nearest station to Nami Island).
Normally if you are staying in backpackers hostel, then it's around Hongdae district. So, I will show the route from Hongdae & Seoul only! ^^
1. From Hongdae / Hongik University Station to Gapyeong Station

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes, 68 km
Stop: 34 stations
T Money: 1,950 won
Cash: 2,050 won
Transfer: Konkuk Univ. Station, Line 2 and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)
Route: Hongdae Station, Line 2-->  Konkuk Univ. Station, Line 2 --> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) -->Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

2. From Seoul Station to Gapyeong Station

Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes, 63.9 km
Stop: 23 stations
T Money: 1,950 won
Cash: 2,950 won
Transfer: Hoegi Station, Line 1 and Mangu Station (Jungang Line)
Route: Seoul Station, Line 1-->  Hoegi Station, Line 1 -->  Mangu  Station (Jungang Line) -->Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

From the Gapyeong Station, you can ride on a taxi (cost around 3,000won) to get to the Nami Island's Jetty; 5mins ride. Or 25mins by walk (1.6km).

Time Table
Sangbong Station --> Gapyeong Station
Weekdays  First 5:10     Last 23:00
Weekends  First 5:42     Last 23:42
Gapyeong Station --> Sangbong Station

Weekdays  First 5:32     Last 23:27
Weekends  First 6:07     Last 23:27

By Shuttle Bus
It's gonna be easier for first timers for sure! Trust me! =)
Take a shuttle bus from Insadong or Jamsil Station- Exit 4
Departure at 09.30am from Pagoda Park / Tapgol Park at Insadong (Be sure to be there 10mins earlier. Bus will depart right on time!)
Departure at 04.00pm from Nami Island (parking lot at ticket office at the Nami jetty)

Call Nami Island Seoul Center for reservation:  02-753-1247 (in Korea) or +82-2 -753-1247 (outside of Korea) or can email them @ na230@naminara.com
Note: Payment can be made only wired transfer, foreign credit card is NOT accepted.
Note: Cash is only accepted on the bus; pay to the bus driver - but seats are based on first come first serve basis.

Operation frequency : once in everyday 
  09:30 Insa-dong and Jamsil station , Seoul >>> Nami Island
  16:00 Nami Island >>> Insa-dong and Jamsil station , Seoul  

Fare (Updated Fare as in year 2012)
 One-way: KRW 7,500
 Round trip: KRW 15,000
 Integrated: KRW 23,000 (Include entrance fee)
  * Integrated Fare include a entrance ticket to Nami Island
  * Entrance ticket embraces ferry fare 

Where are Nami Bus Stop?
At Insadong: Nearby west gate of Topgol park, Jongno 2-ga
Front gate of Topgol Park. Nami bus stop is at the side gate of the park.
For more information on how to make booking, refer their official website at http://www.namisum.com


Donghae's proud Fan said...

So deatailed! sound amazing! if i may ask, if i take the shuttle bus from Insadong, do i need to do anything prior to that? its free right?

Carrie Ang said...

hehe..thanks! The shuttle bus is free provided that u email them to book the schedule to Nami Island. I advise u to take the integrated tix as u save some $$ on yur way..also less hassle if u are a 1st timer.. Hope this helps! Enjoy yur trip if u're there! =)

Donghae's proud Fan said...

what do u mean by integrated tix? LOL sorry im abit confused after reading all the details from everywhere about Nami island and im still lost ><

Carrie Ang said...

Haha..to make it simple..integrated tix is inclusive of the to-and-flo-shuttle bus tix + the ferry tix to Nami Island + the entrance fee to Nami Island.. It's that simple.. with that the bus will drop U off at the jetty at the morning & wait there till the agreed time (around 4pm) to take U bac... =)

annie salazar said...

I found this very helpful. Hope you can update your rates. I like the detalles info.

Anonymous said...

There is no shuttle bus from Hongdae to Nami Island?

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