Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[RECIPE] Happy Together Im Hyungjun's Paprika Eggs

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Happy Together Late Night Cafeteria Recipe
피투게더 야간매점 파프리카 달걀찜 레시피
Recipe Credits: Lim HyungJun Paprika Steamed Egg fr Happy Together ep 274

As always, Korean variety shows never seems to fail me. Now I'm even more hooked to Happy Together ever since they started their new segment called Late Night Cafeteria since late 2012. Here a simple tasty recipe you may try. The best part is the preparation time will be less than 5min.

Friday, 2 August 2013

[INFO] OnlyBeauty L'Oreal Mega Sale in Georgetown and freebies!

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Hey Beauty goes! Penangites out there, do make your way to the OnlyBeauty.com.my sales that's happening at Bayview Hotel from 2-4 Aug, Georgetown, Penang. You can restock your skincare, cosmetics or gifts from brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and many more. On top of that OnlyBeauty.com.my is giving away Maybelline Glam Shine lip gloss and Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner to shopaholics who go! Just visit OnlyBeauty.com.my and click onto the goodies and submit your details to get a SMS code to redeem!

Remember to redeem your freebies! I just got mine! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013


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[롯데 패밀리 페스티벌 2013]
국내 최 정상의 가수들이 모두 모였다! 상상 그 이상의 라인업 대 공개!
롯데 패밀리 페스티벌과 함께하는 ‘대단한’ 가수들을 소개합니다!

2PM, 씨스타, 미쓰에이, 걸스데이, 백퍼센트, SS501(허영생), 보이프렌드, 빅스, 2AM, 틴탑, 더원, 먼데이키즈, 박완규, 알리, 에일리, 자전거 탄 풍경, 정동하, 조성모, 포맨(신용재), 10cm, 장기하와 얼굴들, 델리스파이스, 옥상달빛, 안녕바다, 옐로우 몬스터즈, 타루 등

국내 최상의 K-POP 스타들과 천상의 목소리를 가진 보컬리스트들이 한 자리에 모이는 특별한 자리!
궁금하신가요? 롯데면세점 팬 여러분을 위해 앞으로 페스티벌 소식을 업데이트할 예정이니 놓치지 마시고,
이번 가을은 시원한 가을바람을 타고 귓속을 울리는 신나는 음악 여행, 롯데 패밀리 페스티벌과 함께하세요!

Are you waiting for LOTTE FAMILY FESTIVAL 2013?
We proudly present to you the line-up for the upcoming festival!

2PM, SISTAR, Miss A, Girl’s Day, 100%, SS501 (HEO YOUNG SAENG), BOYFRIEND, VIXX, 2AM, Teen Top, The One, Monday Kiz, Park Wan Kyu, ALI, Ailee, Jatanpung, Jung Dong Ha, Jo Sung Mo, 10cm, Kiha and Faces, Delispice, OKDAL, ANNYEONGBADA, Yellow Monsters, Taru and many more.


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