Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drama freak..(Dream High 2)

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For those who knows me personally...knows I'm a K-drama freak...>.<! keke...
I started watchin k-dramas ermmm..I think 6/7 years ago?? I can still remember the 1st drama my course-mate introduce me too. It's Rain's drama..& its a sad story to it too...Till date I've watched over 100 or maybe over 150 K-dramas, tonnes of K-movies, & not to mention that I love korean variety shows too!...maybe I can list out some that I love soon (that would mean all..kaka...except for the Qualification of Men..maybe that's cause there's no idols?? nah..it's just not my taste..^^). Today I started watching Dream High 2, actually thought of watching 1-2 episode only...cause the drama is currently still airing & the shoot is not even finish yet, that's why..thought of keeping it aside...but well at the end couldn't help myself..I ended up watching all 8 episodes that's available till now..@.@! & not to forget yesterday I watch The Moon embracing the Sun too! It's damn nice..luckily I control myself watch 5 ep only...kaka....
Dream High 2 cast
A variety of talent we have going here..idols from Tiara, 2AM, Sistar, Actress Kang Sora, new  debut JB!
Well...as I'm watching Dream High today, the more I watch the more I felt that JB resembles Junsu alot! Oh..JYP really has a good "eye-sight" neh..haha Love watching him..He's the new trainee under JYP entertaiment. DH2 will be his debut drama! 
Don't they look alike??hehe..멋지다!..kaka (Left Junsu Right JB)

Anyway, Can't wait for the next episode! Well at least tomorrow our local KBS2 will be airing it too..Looks like I'm rewatching again! (3-4 this week) =)
Didn't aspect him to fall for her too! & yay...yes It's Se7en's song! Love it ^^

Monday, 20 February 2012

‎2012 Hangul Comeback Timetable

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‎2012 Hangul Comeback Timetable is finally out! Check out all these comebacks...my besties are already going ga-ga for Shinhwa's comeback...Surely she will have the time of her life during the comeback concert!...keke...Since I'll be in Korea around March...hmmmm...thinking of which album should I get for myself... =)

March -2AM,B1A4,Dalmatian,Shinhwa,4minute, EXO (debut), 
NU'EST (debut),Speed(debut),Lee JunKi,Girl's Day,N-Train

April -SHINee,Beast,CNBLUE,U-Kiss,J.Y Park,Wooyoung(2PM),F.cuz,Blue Marble,CUBE[New group](debut),YG[New group](debut)

May -Infinite,BoA,Secret,Rainbow,ZE:A,AA

Jun -Son Dam Bi,ChAOs,X-5,DSP[newgroup](debut)

July -Lee Hyolee,2PM,After School,f(x),Spica

August -2NE1,Wonder Girls,Chi Chi,Boyfriend,MyName,Jino(debut)

September -Girls' Generation,RaNia,Apink

October -KARA,HITT,Orange Caramel

November -Super Junior.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

10 Most Visited Countries in the World

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Malaysia has been ranked 9th in the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) list of 10 most visited countries, with 24.6 million international tourist arrivals in 2010. It came to me as a "shocker", as I continued reading, the list keeps blowing my mind away as what I thought & assumed as great destinations  to visit are not even in the top 10. (*Such as Korea* hehe..) 

Wondering which countries are the most popular travel destinations? Each year, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) compiles a list of the most visited countries according to the number of international tourist arrivals for every country. In the last three years, European destinations like France, Spain and Italy have been leading the list, but China surpassed Spain and Italy this time, coming in at third place after France and the United States. It’s quite surprising to find Malaysia coming in as another Asian contender. Let's have a look at the top 10 countries. ^^

1. France: 76.8 million visitors
2. United States: 59.7 million visitors
3. China: 55.7 million visitors
4. Spain: 52.7 million visitors

5. Italy: 43.6 million visitors
6. United Kingdom: 28.1 million visitors
7. Turkey: 27 million visitors
8. Germany: 26.9 million visitors
9. Malaysia: 24.6 million visitors
10. Mexico: 22.4 million visitors
Seeing that we are the smallest country on the list and also our tourist arrivals are almost as high as our population. Good Job!Malaysia... I personally think that tourists were drawn to Malaysia because of its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, multi-races & friendly locals.. =)

Oh....reading this makes me feels so excited!! As I will be flying to Seoul Soon! Yay~~ Lolxx...really can't wait for D-day.. =)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Officially the Dragon Year!

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Yay..Dragon year is in now...ermm It's the Black Dragon year / Black Water Dragon to be precise. Happy 2012 guys! I heard that this is rear as it only comes like once in 60 years.

Dragon is a legendary animal and it is symbol of emperor in China. Since the Dragon is coated with mysterious color, Chinese consider that the dragon is unpredictable, untouchable and people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. Therefore, we can might see something unexpected happening in 2012. Also a person with too many dragons in the Chinese astrology birth chart will become smarter, sly and unpredictable in the coming year.

It's gonna be a great year for the Rabbits this year according to the 2012 prediction. Didn't read much on other zodiac animals thou~! keke...since I was born on the Rabbit year. Generally, as the Rabbit and Dragon have good affiliation with each other, you can expect things to good more smoothly for the Rabbit this year. I'm gonna give this prediction a go again as what I have read a year ago, it's actually quite accurate as the prediction for us rabbits on 2011 is not that promising. And it's really noticeable throughout the whole 2011 year. So, yea...see what 2012 will brings us la.

Happy CNY! Happy 2012 guys! =)
Hope it brings out the best in every aspect you are achieving. 
Ohya! I just purchased my first book from Amazon yesterday. Will upload the details once I got the book. Hehehe...super excited. I'm so gonna start self teach myself to be more fluent in the language! ^^


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