Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kimbap Sarang (김밥사랑)

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The moment I saw this lil restaurant, I Immediately went...ooo I wanna eat here! You know why? Guess it! Coz of the Kimbap! I could never get bored of it..^^

Frankly speaking coz it's cheap as well! But never did I knew it would tastes amazing!
 Their signature dish 사랑김밥 (Sarang Kimbap) for only 1,000won?? ^^

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mapo Mandu 마포만두

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After an exhausting morning spent wondering around KBS, it's time to refill my tummy! Saw this chain restaurant somewhere near KBS station here in Yeouido.
It's called - 마포만두 (Mapo Mandu)
What's their signature dish, you might ask? What else, but their Mandu of course! Recommended is the 갈비만두 (kalbi-mandu). Besides Mandu, there's many more choices that is equivalently delicious!
Here's the menu..
(sorry if it's in Korean, you may ask for an English menu from the staff ^^)
여기서 만두가지고 하고 김밥 하고 냉면 하고
다 맛이겠어요
Here are some from the menu...
오뎅 (O-deng)
It's a type of fish cake, normally seen in-a-skew. Here, it's slice into a bowl for you together with the rich broth. It's only 2,000won per bowl.
  계런밥 (kye-ran bap) Egg Rice
Steam flavoured rice topped with a sunny-side up egg & sprinkle with dried flavoured seaweed. 
3,000won per bowl
 And one of my personal favourites 김밥
I think I ordered 야재김밥 (ya-chae kimbap) here
2,000won per roll
 I've been eating awfully lot of Kimbap recently. Not that it's bad or anything.. ^^
It's cheap, convenient, healthy & most important it's Yummy!
Not to mentioned, it's easy to make as well.
Well, as always I can't seems to get enough of the 김치 Kimchi & 단무지 Danmuji!
So why I love the food here??
Simply coz the price is quite reasonable & the food here is delicious!!

How to get there
~By Subway~
National Assembly Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit# 4. Walk straight ahead around 100m, make a right turning on the first alley seen.
This branch is situated in this Island Park building.
Directly opposite of this Silk center building.

Here's another bloggers' reviews: Seok

There's a few branches here in Seoul, but if you happen to drop by this branch in Yeouido, KBS station is just around the corner. Here's the directions to KBS: http://kgonju.blogspot.com/2013/10/directions-to-kbs-station.html

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