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아저씨 Ajosshi (feat. J Rabbit) Kim Jin Pyo Lyrics English Translation

Posted by Carrie Ang
My first try into translating a Korean song
Hope you enjoy the song, as it's about a young girl's crush for a way elder guy! =)
A super cute song (>^.^<)
But for most of the rap part, it's using a symbolic term to emphasis on the age difference between a young girl and an older man.

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English Translation Lyrics

Sir, that feels weird, as I'm not sure what's wrong with my heart
My heart is beating fast as I'm thinking about it again
Sir, I love you but could you wait for awhile
As that's just some time that you are not rushing for

How do you want me to say so that you could understand me
How many times do I have to say it
The age difference between you & me is like Suzhou & milk of 42
When I'm asking for "Haejangguk", you may think of it as Apple pie (symbolize the difference maturity thinking as the age gap are big. *Haejangguk is a Korean Hangover soup*)
You are like a little child thru a normal guys eyes
One got to be of the same age
You are still very young, pretty girl wake up
Now for god's sake, try to control yourself

Sir, what should I do? If it can't be done this way
This flustered feeling is not what I'm looking for
Sir, why can't it be so? Please re-consider again
Is it so wrong that I'm still a kid

I don't have Tteokbokki nor popcorn
I don't go for Romantic movies, but Billards
Think about it, what the hell would you do with me
What would you tell others
Should we talk about stocks? Or Baseball? Or cars?
Girls Generation? Yeah!! This is what I do
What surprise me the most is your mom
I still think this is a mistake

Maybe you think that
But I'm not the prince charming that you are looking for
I'm not even a white horse nor the Saint of time
Please let's just stop right here
Oh mama this is probably just drama
Be patient & one day you will understand me
I also want to tell it and meet it
Probably I shouldn't think about it

Repeat **
When You're studying ABC, I'm already with my PC assembling
In fact, I know that others don't do that
You're my little girl & my all
When you're in your DoReMi lesson, I've already graduated from Czerny lesson
In fact, I know that others don't do that
You are just a girl & also just a little kid to me

I too am not sure why am I acting this way
But now, please open your mind to a more sincere me

Repeat *
Well that's just ridiculous
(Sir) Can't Can't
(My feelings) This is so ridiculous
No, please snap out of this
I won't do this (Sir)

Here for the term "Ajosshi" I'm using a more polite term as "Sir". Normally Koreans relate the term to an elder guy or what we known as "Uncle".

아저씨 (Ajosshi) = Uncle / Sir
떡볶이 (Tteokbokki) = Korean Rice cake
해장국 (Haejangguk) = Korean Hangover Soup
소녀시대 (SoNyoShiDae) = SNSD / Girls Generation
애플파이 (Aepeulpai) = Apple Pie
왕자님 (Wangjanim) = Prince

So guys! What's your view/thought on a 아저씨??
Could it be like this you are thinking about?
Or this? 
Or simply this? My fav "immature" 아저씨.  =)
Ji Won 아저씨!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎ...ㅋㅋㅋ  ^^


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