Monday, 6 August 2012

How to know if you are Officially a K-POP addict!

Posted by Carrie Ang
How to know if you are Officially a K-POP/ KOREAN Addict! Well that's as easy as A-B-C...1-2-3...
Here's the guideline to clear your doubts. (○^.^○)v

Life is no longer a simple boring life...In the eyes of a K-poppers!


2PM isn't just time of the day
ONE-DAY isn't referring to the certain day
GENIE isn't just from Aladdin
SE7EN isn't just a number
HOTTEST isn't just an adjective of the word HOT
F(X) isn't just a mathematical equation
VIP isn't just the top priority in your guest list
2NE1 isn't just numbers & alphabets
BIG BANG isn't just a science theory
AMBER isn't just a gemstone
BLUE isn't just a colour
KISS-ME isn't just an affectionate expression of love
10CM isn't just a measurement of length
RAINBOW aren't made out of a 7-colours combination
4MINUTE isn't just a measurement of time
ELF ain't no mystical creatures
HERO isn't just Superman
TOP isn't just a toy
THUNDER is not related to a storm
I AM isn't referring to yourself
FICTION ain't not just a simple Book genre
DORADORA isn't just Dora the Explorer
SUNNY isn't just a weather
BACON isn't just food
JR. doesn't just mean "Junior"
JYP isn't just an initial
SISTAR isn't a miss-spelled word of sister
BEAST isn't a scary creature
2AM isn't just a time that you're fast asleep
EXID isn't your emergency Exit
DECEMBER isn't the last month of the year
HAHA isn't just a laughter
BLACKJACK isn't just a card game
SEXY LADY isn't just your average slender figure

K-POP ain't just music..... It's a way of life! =)

The worst part is that.....

Hope this makes a smile on your face on this Blue Blue Monday! Cheers! (○^-^○)


Jazz (째즈) said...

Love this post! And the picture above... haha K-pop is a life style not just a genre of music. Like this blog a lot. Hope you don't mind me re-blogging it onto my blog and sharing you via twitter.

Carrie Ang said...

yea...go ahead! Sharing is caring..hehe..how lame is that ^^
Love your blog too..& do follow mine as well! ^^
Nice to meet u XD

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