Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Aussie here I come

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Without realising...how time flies...It has been 5 months since I came back from my backpack trip from Seoul Korea! And in two weeks time, I'll be flying again for my second oversea trip this year. This time.... Australia! Owhhh...love this feeling~~~ ㅎㅁㅎ

Well, nope..I'm not that rich. This trip was totally sponsored by my aunt who is staying there. So my flight & accommodation and transportation will be well covered during my 1.5 weeks stay there. Not to mention the food there! I misses the big portion FISH & CHIPS. It's been nearly 12 years since last I've been there; and I'm coming back soon! Feels like home..Yay! =)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Korean SMSes / Emotions and it's meaning

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Pic credits: http://easytolearnkorean.com/
네! 맞아요.. You read it right, Korean SMSes!! Bet most of us - "Non-Koreans"; would have the same thoughts on these...How Koreans send their SMSes or to be precise what does a certain abbreviation stands for. Bet most of the times our SMSes will look like these: LOL, LMAO, hehe, haha, BRB, TTYL, etc....
Recently, I got to learn more on this topic & had a rapid test though TTMIK. Thanks Guys! ^^

Let's go guys..가자! Learn some EMOTIONS! =)

We often find laughter the most in our SMSes (haha, hehe, keke, etc..), it's no different here as well. Notice this ㅋㅋㅋ before?! 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

아저씨 Ajosshi (feat. J Rabbit) Kim Jin Pyo Lyrics English Translation

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My first try into translating a Korean song
Hope you enjoy the song, as it's about a young girl's crush for a way elder guy! =)
A super cute song (>^.^<)
But for most of the rap part, it's using a symbolic term to emphasis on the age difference between a young girl and an older man.

Click here for the Korean Hangul Lyrics --> Hangul Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics

Sir, that feels weird, as I'm not sure what's wrong with my heart
My heart is beating fast as I'm thinking about it again
Sir, I love you but could you wait for awhile
As that's just some time that you are not rushing for

How do you want me to say so that you could understand me
How many times do I have to say it
The age difference between you & me is like Suzhou & milk of 42
When I'm asking for "Haejangguk", you may think of it as Apple pie (symbolize the difference maturity thinking as the age gap are big. *Haejangguk is a Korean Hangover soup*)
You are like a little child thru a normal guys eyes
One got to be of the same age
You are still very young, pretty girl wake up
Now for god's sake, try to control yourself

Sir, what should I do? If it can't be done this way
This flustered feeling is not what I'm looking for
Sir, why can't it be so? Please re-consider again
Is it so wrong that I'm still a kid

I don't have Tteokbokki nor popcorn
I don't go for Romantic movies, but Billards
Think about it, what the hell would you do with me
What would you tell others
Should we talk about stocks? Or Baseball? Or cars?
Girls Generation? Yeah!! This is what I do
What surprise me the most is your mom
I still think this is a mistake

Maybe you think that
But I'm not the prince charming that you are looking for
I'm not even a white horse nor the Saint of time
Please let's just stop right here
Oh mama this is probably just drama
Be patient & one day you will understand me
I also want to tell it and meet it
Probably I shouldn't think about it

Repeat **
When You're studying ABC, I'm already with my PC assembling
In fact, I know that others don't do that
You're my little girl & my all
When you're in your DoReMi lesson, I've already graduated from Czerny lesson
In fact, I know that others don't do that
You are just a girl & also just a little kid to me

I too am not sure why am I acting this way
But now, please open your mind to a more sincere me

Repeat *
Well that's just ridiculous
(Sir) Can't Can't
(My feelings) This is so ridiculous
No, please snap out of this
I won't do this (Sir)

Here for the term "Ajosshi" I'm using a more polite term as "Sir". Normally Koreans relate the term to an elder guy or what we known as "Uncle".

아저씨 (Ajosshi) = Uncle / Sir
떡볶이 (Tteokbokki) = Korean Rice cake
해장국 (Haejangguk) = Korean Hangover Soup
소녀시대 (SoNyoShiDae) = SNSD / Girls Generation
애플파이 (Aepeulpai) = Apple Pie
왕자님 (Wangjanim) = Prince

So guys! What's your view/thought on a 아저씨??
Could it be like this you are thinking about?
Or this? 
Or simply this? My fav "immature" 아저씨.  =)
Ji Won 아저씨!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎ...ㅋㅋㅋ  ^^

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Super easy way to add a Korean vocab with Direct English translation

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여러분 안녕하세요! Hello Everyone!

Just have the sudden urge to practice on my Hangul again. Well I may not be perfect as I've just started learning to read the language earlier this year around April. And being a full time staff I don't really have the time to really focus on studying as I'm self-taught. ^^

So just a few hours (maybe 1-2 hours or so) per week for me to learn Hangul is all it takes for me. But for those who wanted to learn the language but don't have the time..don't fret about it. As a person's "Interest" can be a very important weapon for learning.

Ohya, being of Chinese descendant does gives you an added advantage to grasp the Korean language better as most of the Korean words have similar pronunciation as the Chinese Characters.Well, being a Native English speaker it's not bad as well as we also has its ups as some of the Korean words are direct translation of the English words itself!!

Would love to share a few Vocab I've learned throughout these months....Well I may not be of the best out there but some simple ones are still pretty fresh in my mind. Here are some Direct-English translation words for the readers out there. ^^

Korean Vocab of the day
아이스크림 (a-ee-su-k'e-rim) = Ice-Cream
오토바이 (o-tto-ba-ee) = Motorbike
바나나 (ba-na-na) = Banana
치킨 (chi-k'in) = Chicken (Well this is not the right word thou.. as Koreans usually refer 치킨 to fried chicken or something that's already "eatable" *my bad for the Manglish used here* ^^) Life chicken is called 닭 (dalg)
카메라 (k'a-me-ra) = Camera
립스틱 (lip-su-tik) = Lipstick
히터 (hi-tto) = Heater
핸드폰 (haen-du-pun) = Handphone is what Koreans called a Mobile phone (same goes for Malaysians as well)
축구 (chu-gu) = Soccer
차 (cha) = Car [To be precise 차 is car & 자동차 (cha-dong-cha) is Auto-mobile] so both can be used
팀 (tim) = Team

Happy Learning Guys!~♥  =)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ajosshi (feat. J Rabbit) Kim Jin Pyo Lyrics [updated]

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Kim Jin Pyo release his sixth full-length album — his first in four years. Announcing the comeback digital single “아저씨” is released on June 20th and bringing the song a sweet touch are the collaboration with J Rabbit. J Rabbit open the track as was it one of their usual songs before it turns into one of Kim Jin Pyo’s standard K-pop tunes.

Artist: Kim Jin Pyo (김진표)
Album Information: Single, Studio
Title:  아저씨 Feat. (제이레빗) J Rabbit
Genre: Hip-hop
Release Date: 2012.06.20
Source: Bugs

See J Rabbit's profile >> ♥ J Rabbit ♥

Hangul / Romanization Lyrics

ajosshi isanghaeyo nae mami wae irohjyo
아저씨 이상해요 내 맘이 왜 이렇죠 
saenggakmanhaedo gaseumi magu dugeundugeun tto dwineungoryo
생각만해도 가슴이 마구 두근두근 또 뛰는걸요
ajosshi saranghaeyo jogeumman gidaryoyo
아저씨 사랑해요 조금만 기다려요 
piryohan ge hanaitdamyon keugon ojik shiganppuningoryo
필요한 게 하나있다면 그건 오직 시간뿐인걸요

jongmal ojjom geurohke nae mal mot aradeutni
정말 어쩜 그렇게 내 말 못 알아듣니 
dodaeche myot boneul naega mareul haeyagenni
도대체 몇 번을 내가 말을 해야겠니
nowa naye na-icha-i sojuwa uyu sai
너와 나의 나이차이 소주와 우유 사이 
naega haenjanggukeul wechil ttae non ama aepeulpai
내가 해장국을 외칠 때 넌 아마 애플파이
non naege nomudo orinai gwiyon kkumaai
넌 내게 너무도 어린아이 귀연 꼬마아이 
gawibai bona haeya hal got gateun nai
가위바위 보나 해야 할 것 같은 나이
non ajik nomuna oringol pretty girl wake up
넌 아직 너무나 어린걸 pretty girl wake up
ije jebal jongshineul jom charyobwa
이제 제발 정신을 좀 차려봐

ajosshi ottokhajyo? iromyon andwenayo
아저씨 어떡하죠? 이러면 안되나요 
mwol baraneunge aniyeyo geunyang joheungol ottokhaeyo
뭘 바라는게 아니에요 그냥 좋은걸 어떡해요
ajosshi wae andwaeyo? han bonman do saenggakhaeyo
아저씨 왜 안돼요? 한 번만 더 생각해요 
geujo nan oril ppunijyo ige geurohke jalmoshingayo?
그저 난 어릴 뿐이죠 이게 그렇게 잘못인가요?

nan ttokbokki no pabkondo no
난 떡볶이 no 팝콘도 no 
romaentikyonghwado no danggujangman go
로맨틱영화도 no 당구장만 go
saenggakhaebwa dodaeche norang mwol hagenni
생각해봐 도대체 너랑 뭘 하겠니 
mwoga tto tonghagenni mwol yeagil hagenni
뭐가 또 통하겠니 뭔 얘길 하겠니
jushik yaegihae? yagu yaegihae? cha yaegihae?
주식 얘기해? 야구 얘기해? 차 얘기해? 
sonyoshidae? yeah!!! iron narang mwol hae
소녀시대? yeah!!! 이런 나랑 뭘 해 
nohwe omma nollae amuri saenggakhaedo
너희 엄마 놀래 아무리 생각해도 
igon anirago jollejolle
이건 아니라고 절레절레

mwonga chaggakeul haneun got gateunde
뭔가 착각을 하는 것 같은데 
nan niga channeun donghwa soge wanghanimeun anigoteun
난 니가 찾는 동화 속의 왕자님은 아니거든
nan baekmado keun songdo shimjiyo shigando
난 백마도 큰 성도 심지어 시간도 
opseunikka jebal yogiso keumandwo
없으니까 제발 여기서 그만둬
oh mama ige tto waen drama non ama
oh mama 이게 또 왠 drama 넌 아마 
onjenga nal ihaehage dwel kkoya chamgo tto chama
언젠가 날 이해하게 될 꺼야 참고 또 참아
bogodo shipodo mannago shipodo
보고도 싶어도 만나고 싶어도 
amman saenggakhaedo igon jinjja anijanha
암만 생각해도 이건 진짜 아니잖아

Repeat **

noga ABC kongbu hal tae nan naepc jorophaesseulgol
너가 ABC 공부 할 때 난 내pc 조립했을걸
sashil naneun jashini omneun gol
사실 나는 자신이 없는 걸
non naege orin ail ppuningol
넌 내게 어린 아일 뿐인걸
noga doremi eumgyechil ttae nan chereuni jorophaesseulgol
너가 도레미 음계칠 때 난 체르니 졸업했을걸
sashil nan jashini omneun gol
사실 난 자신이 없는 걸 
non naege geujo orin ai il piiuningol
넌 내게 그저 어린 아이 일 뿐인걸

ojjom geudae irohkedo nareul mollajunayo
어쩜 그대 이렇게도 나를 몰라주나요
ije jomdo soljikhi naege maeumeul yoroyo
이제 좀더 솔직히 내게 마음을 열어요

Repeat *

o igonn jongmal maldo andwae
어 이건 정말 말도 안돼
(ajosshi) andwae andwae
(아저씨) 안돼 안돼 
(nae mami) igon maldo andwae
(내 맘이) 이건 말도 안돼 
heundeullimyon andwae jebal jongshincharyo
흔들리면 안돼 제발 정신차려 
jongmal irom andwae (ajosshi)
정말 이럼 안돼 (아저씨)

PS: For the English Translation, I'll try to do it in the future as there's a few rap parts I still can't get the hang on it. Just learning that's why...keke...so bare with my "weak" language.. ^^
The English Translation are done --> 아저씨 English Translation

Monday, 6 August 2012

제이레빗 (J Rabbit) New Indie group

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As K-POP is so popular in Asia and now in pretty much all around the world, there are other good Korean singers not just constraint from JYP, SM, YG Entertainment groups. I’d like to introduce this new Indie Group, J Rabbit, 제이레빗 and share their music with you.

Well, actually they are not entirely a new group; but I just recently stumble across their songs & immediately been sucked into their music with just her lovely soothing voice. 
J Rabbits
J Rabbit began uploading videos to YouTube as one of the units in friendz.net in November 2010. A few digital singles were released, and then came first full-length album It’s Spring which soon went out of print. The two girls and friendz.net have since gained even more popularity, and now they’re back with second full-length album Looking Around.

WHO is J Rabbit 제이레빗???
J Rabbit is women duo group - One girl is playing all the instruments while the other one sings **BTW her voice is amazing!**  In their album, it’s not all about love songs, but are mainly about life. The timbre of the vocal is so clean, refreshing and amazing. The song itself is beautiful and her vocal makes the whole album ever so special.

Let me introduce all to their latest featured song entitled "Ahjussi 아저씨" that they are featured in with Kim Jin Pyo. Also my fav!
A way too cute song to be true!!  =)

So a YAY or a NAY for them? Definitely a YAY from me! Way to go girls!!

How to know if you are Officially a K-POP addict!

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How to know if you are Officially a K-POP/ KOREAN Addict! Well that's as easy as A-B-C...1-2-3...
Here's the guideline to clear your doubts. (○^.^○)v

Life is no longer a simple boring life...In the eyes of a K-poppers!


2PM isn't just time of the day
ONE-DAY isn't referring to the certain day
GENIE isn't just from Aladdin
SE7EN isn't just a number
HOTTEST isn't just an adjective of the word HOT
F(X) isn't just a mathematical equation
VIP isn't just the top priority in your guest list
2NE1 isn't just numbers & alphabets
BIG BANG isn't just a science theory
AMBER isn't just a gemstone
BLUE isn't just a colour
KISS-ME isn't just an affectionate expression of love
10CM isn't just a measurement of length
RAINBOW aren't made out of a 7-colours combination
4MINUTE isn't just a measurement of time
ELF ain't no mystical creatures
HERO isn't just Superman
TOP isn't just a toy
THUNDER is not related to a storm
I AM isn't referring to yourself
FICTION ain't not just a simple Book genre
DORADORA isn't just Dora the Explorer
SUNNY isn't just a weather
BACON isn't just food
JR. doesn't just mean "Junior"
JYP isn't just an initial
SISTAR isn't a miss-spelled word of sister
BEAST isn't a scary creature
2AM isn't just a time that you're fast asleep
EXID isn't your emergency Exit
DECEMBER isn't the last month of the year
HAHA isn't just a laughter
BLACKJACK isn't just a card game
SEXY LADY isn't just your average slender figure

K-POP ain't just music..... It's a way of life! =)

The worst part is that.....

Hope this makes a smile on your face on this Blue Blue Monday! Cheers! (○^-^○)

Friday, 3 August 2012


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JYP Entertainment comes to decorate the first weekend of August! First weekend of August with JYP Entertainment!

♥ From today (August 3rd) until August 5th, the thank-you event for fans, ‘FAN’s Day’ is going to be held.
♥ Fan art exhibition, Artist gallery, Artist costume exhibition, and all other various events are ready.
♥ On August 4th, the entire JYP artist teams are coming up on stage in 2 years with ‘2012 JYP Nation Concert’
JYP Entertainment decorates your first weekend of August.

To express the gratitude for the fans, for the first time ever JYP Entertainment opens up the very first ‘FAN’s Day’.

This event, which is held at Platoon Kunsthalle, contains various events that fans could directly see, listen to, and feel with fan art exhibition, artist costume exhibition, artist photo & video gallery, as well as cover dance contest and surprise events.

On August 4th, JYP artist teams are gathering on stage in front of the fans in 2 years.
The whole JYP artists (J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, JOO, San E, JJ Project) are going to perform on stage at ‘2012 JYP Nation Concert’.

The first JYP Nation concert held in 2010 brought a lot of issues. There would be extraordinary performances of JOO and San E, who is standing in front of the fans in 2 years time, as well as the reunion of 2AM and JYP teams, addition of the hidden card JJ Project, and Jang Woo Young who started the solo performance. With all this various issues, the concert will be having rather special stages in all.

As the whole JYP Artists are participating in various events such as FAN’s Day and JYP Nation concert this first weekend of August, it is said that the expectation of the fans are rising to its maximum.

Here are some highlights from the event! =)
Jr. doing the ticketing for Fan's Day
JB doing the ticketing for Fan's Day
JJ Project on Stage
Miss A Suzy doing face painting =)
Miss A Fei doing face painting =)
Sun singing on Stage
Coffee Princess Lim
Sun & Lim

Junsu the DJ
Woo Young the DJ
Junsu having a good time with fans while DJ-ing
Chansung the Coffee Prince

Picture credit: JYP

Thursday, 2 August 2012

JYP Nation upcoming concert rehearsal

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The Highly anticipated concert is around the corner! WooHoo!! Go Go JYP Nation! =) 

With just a few days left to go before the upcoming JYP Nation concert, the JYP Entertainment artists are practicing hard to ensure a successful concert. Ahead of the concert, JYP Entertainment released new photos of the JYP artists rehearsing together for their special collaboration stages. 

JYP Entertainment shared a slew of behind-the-scenes photos of the artists hard at work with allkpop to give fans a glimpse into the family-like atmosphere. Included are cuts of the members working together for their collaboration stages, such as Sohee playing around with Junsu, and Junho and Seulong taking a break in a corner of the room together.
Junho showed a playful side by taking a photo with Sun‘s puppy while J.Y. Park can be seen working on new songs at the keyboard at any spare moment. JJ Project looks as if they’re flying about the room during their rehearsal cuts with the same youthful energy they’re known for on stage.

JYP Entertainment expressed, “All of the JYP artists are working hard with one heart with just days left until the concert. There are a lot more of various stages planned compared to last year, so we encourage everyone to anticipate it.”

The JYP Nation concert will take place on August 4th at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Owh how I wish I'm there! And let me say that Olympic Park is a great place as I went there before! =)
How to get to Olympic Park?! HERE

Photo credits to JYP
Source: CJ E&M enewsworld @http://enewsworld.mnet.com & AllKpop


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