Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kimbap Sarang (김밥사랑)

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The moment I saw this lil restaurant, I Immediately went...ooo I wanna eat here! You know why? Guess it! Coz of the Kimbap! I could never get bored of it..^^

Frankly speaking coz it's cheap as well! But never did I knew it would tastes amazing!
 Their signature dish 사랑김밥 (Sarang Kimbap) for only 1,000won?? ^^

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mapo Mandu 마포만두

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After an exhausting morning spent wondering around KBS, it's time to refill my tummy! Saw this chain restaurant somewhere near KBS station here in Yeouido.
It's called - 마포만두 (Mapo Mandu)
What's their signature dish, you might ask? What else, but their Mandu of course! Recommended is the 갈비만두 (kalbi-mandu). Besides Mandu, there's many more choices that is equivalently delicious!
Here's the menu..
(sorry if it's in Korean, you may ask for an English menu from the staff ^^)
여기서 만두가지고 하고 김밥 하고 냉면 하고
다 맛이겠어요
Here are some from the menu...
오뎅 (O-deng)
It's a type of fish cake, normally seen in-a-skew. Here, it's slice into a bowl for you together with the rich broth. It's only 2,000won per bowl.
  계런밥 (kye-ran bap) Egg Rice
Steam flavoured rice topped with a sunny-side up egg & sprinkle with dried flavoured seaweed. 
3,000won per bowl
 And one of my personal favourites 김밥
I think I ordered 야재김밥 (ya-chae kimbap) here
2,000won per roll
 I've been eating awfully lot of Kimbap recently. Not that it's bad or anything.. ^^
It's cheap, convenient, healthy & most important it's Yummy!
Not to mentioned, it's easy to make as well.
Well, as always I can't seems to get enough of the 김치 Kimchi & 단무지 Danmuji!
So why I love the food here??
Simply coz the price is quite reasonable & the food here is delicious!!

How to get there
~By Subway~
National Assembly Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit# 4. Walk straight ahead around 100m, make a right turning on the first alley seen.
This branch is situated in this Island Park building.
Directly opposite of this Silk center building.

Here's another bloggers' reviews: Seok

There's a few branches here in Seoul, but if you happen to drop by this branch in Yeouido, KBS station is just around the corner. Here's the directions to KBS: http://kgonju.blogspot.com/2013/10/directions-to-kbs-station.html

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Yoon's Color Drama Gallery & New York Sandwich Cafe

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Located in the Sangsu-dong neighborhood, the Four Seasons House (previous name which has been changed to Yoon's Drama Gallery) is a theme house intended to give visitors a glimpse into the world of the Korean hit dramas: “Spring Waltz,” “Scent of Summer,” “Autumn in My Heart,” and “Winter Sonata.” Jointly opened by Yoon’s Color - the drama’s producer and the City of Seoul, in June 2006.
In 2011, this place was once again a hit with the addition filming of "Love Rain". After the wrap up filming of Love Rain, this place was renovated & reopen on 1st August 2012 with a brand new name -Yoon's Color Drama Gallery.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mouse Rabbit (마우스레빗) cafe

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Mouse Rabbit cafe 
Grand open on the 11th November 2012 by Yesung (Super Junior vocalist) & his brother. Take a wild guess how the cafe got its name?! Simple..it's goes by the owners' Chinese Zodiac. ^^
Rumour has it that ‘mouse’ & ‘rabbit’ refers to the zodiac signs of the Kim brothers. – ‘mouse’ for Yesung & ‘rabbit’ for Jongjin.
The owner with his first customer! Fellow band-mate- Eunhyuk
Photo credit: Yesung's twitter account

연대껍데기 8,000won BBQ meat buffet in Sinchon

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Craving for some meat? Then head over to this All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Sinchon (신촌). It's called 연대껍데기 Yondae Kkeopdegi. Only 8,000KRW per person!!! The best part is the UNLIMITED refills of meat & other side dishes. It's pretty much a buffet style self service place, where you fill up the provided small plates with assorted 반찬 Banchan (Korean side dishes) and 고기 Gogi (meat) as your heart desires, and then you cook the meat yourself on tabletop grills.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Directions to KBS Station

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Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is South Korean radio and television network located in Yeouido. It is the home of the famous Korean Drama hits like Full House, Boys Over Flowers, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Good Doctor and many more. I am an avid Korean drama fan, so visiting Seoul without coming here is a big no-no. And if you are also fond of KPop or Super Junior fan, KBS is a must-visit place in Korea. SuKiRa or Super Junior Kiss the Radio program is aired at KBS everyday at 10-12midnight.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Places to visit near Chungmuro Station + Chungmuro Pet Street

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Chungmuro has been known as the street of culture, artists, and film industry. Chungmuro was named after Chungmugong, the posthumous title of Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin, which means "martial subject of loyalty." The last syllable "ro" refers to road in Korean. Nowadays many film studios moved from Chungmuro to the Gangnam district, Chungmuro still symbolizes the Korean film industry and continues to be used as a metonymy for it.

Places of interest in Chungmuro:
  • Chungmuro Camera District
  • Daehan Cinema
  • Pet Street
  • Korea House
  • Namsangol Hanok Village

Thursday, 3 October 2013

[DIRECTION] 2PM G+ STAR ZONE Apgujeong Rodeo Station

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2PM has teamed up with Gangnam district and 'G+ Dream Project' to start a '2PM Zone' located at Apgujeong Rodeo Street in Gangnam which will only run for three months.

During an interview, Gangnam's reps stated,
2PM have been active in their overseas activities and have become one of Hallyu icons by successfully wrapping up their Asia tour, arena tour, and Tokyo dome tour. As representative artists who are receiving a lot of love from Asia, they have been selected as the first stars to take part in 'G+ Dream Project's 'G+ STAR ZONE'. Ahead of their comeback this May, we anticipate the synergy effect of 2PM and 'G+ Dream Project' to attract a big response."

This special zone is  a partnership between Gangnam district and Hallyu stars to give back to disadvantaged children through the 'G+ Dream Project'. Fan can take picture and in the same time donate here. The special zone made for HOTTESTs will be available for three months until July 31st.
Luckily for me, when I went there in mid September, it's still there! Yipee~~ ^^

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[RECIPE] Ddeokbokki (Spicy Korean Rice Cake)

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떡볶이 (Ddeokbokki/Tteokbokki/Topokki, often translated as Spicy Rice Cakes) comes in many forms in Korea. But when you have some time, home-made version is the best! Here would be my simplified version:

Monday, 30 September 2013

Directions to Hongik University 홍익대학교

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English: Hongik University 
Hangul: 홍익대학교
Hanja: 弘益大學校

 Hongik University was established in 1956 based on humanitarian ideals (in Korea, the word “Hongik” means to advance the welfare of mankind). In 1948, the school’s original name “Hongmun” was changed into “Hongik”, and one year later it officially established 4-year courses with the colleges of law and liberal arts. The school merged with Sudo Engineering College in 1971 and became a university. Now there are 9 colleges with 11 divisions and 29 departments and 11 graduate schools and research institutes.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Directions to Yonsei University 연세대학교

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English: Yonsei University 
Hangul: 연세대학교
Hanja: 延世大學校
Motto: The truth will set you free.

Formally established in 1957 is one of the oldest universities in South Korea. And is now one of the top 3 most prestigious universities in South Korea. (As of 2013, Yonsei is been listed at rank# 16 in the Top Asia's University Ranking) Being founded on Christian principles, here you could also witness that the Christian character of the university is well illustrated by its history as school originally founded by American Protestant missionaries. Even their school's motto "The truth will set you free" originated from the Bible. With over 100 clubs and student bodies on campus, students are obviously spoilt for choices. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Directions to Ewha Woman's University 이화 대학교

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English: Ewha Woman's University 
Hangul: 이화 대학교
Hanja: 梨花女子大學校
Motto: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. 진(眞) · 선(善) · 미(美)

Formally re-established as a University on August 1945 to be the first South Korean university to be officially organized. Ewha is now responsible for many first in Korean history such as Korea's first female doctor, first woman to get doctoral degree, first female Korean lawyer, first female prime minister & many more. Many of this "first" is due to the fact that many Korea women in the older generations are discourage from attending co-ed universities in Korea. (As of 2013, Ewha is been listed at rank# 40 in the Top Asia's University Ranking)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[RECIPE] Happy Together Im Hyungjun's Paprika Eggs

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Happy Together Late Night Cafeteria Recipe
피투게더 야간매점 파프리카 달걀찜 레시피
Recipe Credits: Lim HyungJun Paprika Steamed Egg fr Happy Together ep 274

As always, Korean variety shows never seems to fail me. Now I'm even more hooked to Happy Together ever since they started their new segment called Late Night Cafeteria since late 2012. Here a simple tasty recipe you may try. The best part is the preparation time will be less than 5min.

Friday, 2 August 2013

[INFO] OnlyBeauty L'Oreal Mega Sale in Georgetown and freebies!

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Hey Beauty goes! Penangites out there, do make your way to the OnlyBeauty.com.my sales that's happening at Bayview Hotel from 2-4 Aug, Georgetown, Penang. You can restock your skincare, cosmetics or gifts from brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and many more. On top of that OnlyBeauty.com.my is giving away Maybelline Glam Shine lip gloss and Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner to shopaholics who go! Just visit OnlyBeauty.com.my and click onto the goodies and submit your details to get a SMS code to redeem!

Remember to redeem your freebies! I just got mine! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013


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[롯데 패밀리 페스티벌 2013]
국내 최 정상의 가수들이 모두 모였다! 상상 그 이상의 라인업 대 공개!
롯데 패밀리 페스티벌과 함께하는 ‘대단한’ 가수들을 소개합니다!

2PM, 씨스타, 미쓰에이, 걸스데이, 백퍼센트, SS501(허영생), 보이프렌드, 빅스, 2AM, 틴탑, 더원, 먼데이키즈, 박완규, 알리, 에일리, 자전거 탄 풍경, 정동하, 조성모, 포맨(신용재), 10cm, 장기하와 얼굴들, 델리스파이스, 옥상달빛, 안녕바다, 옐로우 몬스터즈, 타루 등

국내 최상의 K-POP 스타들과 천상의 목소리를 가진 보컬리스트들이 한 자리에 모이는 특별한 자리!
궁금하신가요? 롯데면세점 팬 여러분을 위해 앞으로 페스티벌 소식을 업데이트할 예정이니 놓치지 마시고,
이번 가을은 시원한 가을바람을 타고 귓속을 울리는 신나는 음악 여행, 롯데 패밀리 페스티벌과 함께하세요!

Are you waiting for LOTTE FAMILY FESTIVAL 2013?
We proudly present to you the line-up for the upcoming festival!

2PM, SISTAR, Miss A, Girl’s Day, 100%, SS501 (HEO YOUNG SAENG), BOYFRIEND, VIXX, 2AM, Teen Top, The One, Monday Kiz, Park Wan Kyu, ALI, Ailee, Jatanpung, Jung Dong Ha, Jo Sung Mo, 10cm, Kiha and Faces, Delispice, OKDAL, ANNYEONGBADA, Yellow Monsters, Taru and many more.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

2PM KWave Photoshoot

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First and foremost, congratulation on KWave's 1st Anniversary! *Throwing confetti all over the place..LOL!*

Here is the K-Wave July Issue with 2PM!
Interviews with our favorite K-POP Stars! 2PM, MBLAQ, VIXX, LC9, EvoL, A-Prince, Z-HERA, and many more!

Also, sweet interviews with Son Yejin & Kim Namgil of <Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus>, Funny members of <The Human Condition>!
Do click to download the PDF File of K-Wave July Issue!
High Resolution -> http://bit.ly/16hIG9F
Low Resolution -> http://bit.ly/14BPMrt

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Inside-Out a Penny Pinchers' head

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Are you a frugal shopper or just merely a stingy stank?

Seriously given said that, I would preferred being called a Penny-Pincher than to be called "Miss Stingy" at any time of the day. Peeps close to me would find this amusingly true, as I would constantly on a hunt for ways to save. With the economics nowadays, you couldn't help it but to constantly think of ways to Save Save Save!!! Especially when you're not raise under some silver-spoon-golden-platter kinda background, you're more likely to be exposed to the importance of $$. Obviously I would consider myself a wise spender but still on occasionally would also splurge on a few "essential" items - 2PM albums, Korean cosmetics & cute affordable accessories! Well girls do what girls do best. keke...

Well, jokes aside; still I would consider myself a money-minded freak. Until last week when I watched one of my fav Korean variety show - Happy Together episode on Penny Pinchers featuring MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Hyun Bin, etc...

Never did I ever imagine that Lee Joon would act this way. Well then again, I was ever that impress when I found out that he bought his parents a house with his own hard earn dough. LMAO when I heard that he was classified as the Penny-Pincher within the Idols.

Happy Together (해피투게더) - Penny Pinchers Special
Not until then I realise that my stinginess wasn't that critical yet. A few examples that I heard from Lee Joon that only recently his family has finally bought and own their first air-conditioner and yet it's left unused & treated as part of the family's living room accessories just coz his mum does not want to waste electricity despite the whole family is sweating uncontrollably due to the humid summer. (wow...talk about saluting her..haha..at least I'll turn my room's air-cond once or twice a month to keep the motor in it in good shape..haha!!)

As for me, I've graduated 2.5 years ago & have been offered work immediately after my finals. So, I would say I wasted no time in trying to build up my wealth from scratch. And yes, as of last week I've finally paid off my entire car loan!! **Yea! Throwing confetti while doing the butt dance..lol** Even though I dare not say I'm well off yet, still I've achieve something within 2+years in the society and am continuing to succeed more in the near future *I Hope!*.

Anyway, if you are not the saving type, it's never ever too late to start. Here's some tips to get you started on the right path to success.

Friday, 14 June 2013

[REVIEW] TTMIK Level 4 Book Review

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If you are aiming for the Level 4 right now, Congratulations!! You are on your way to the Intermediate level of your Korean learning experience.

Lessons covered under Level 4
Lesson 1 – The more … the more … / -면 -을수록
Lesson 2 – Do you want to …? / -(으)ㄹ래요?
Lesson 3 – It can’t be … /-(으)ㄹ 리가 없어요, 할 리가 없어요
Lesson 4 – verb ending / -지요/-죠
Lesson 5 – “당신” and “you” / 당신
Lesson 6 – Word builder 3 / 동(動)
Lesson 7 – It’s okay. I’m okay. / 괜찮아요
Lesson 8 – it is okay to…, you don’t have to… / -아/어/여도 돼요, 해도 돼요
Lesson 9 – you shouldn’t…, you’re not supposed to… / -(으)면 안 돼요, 하면 안 돼요
Lesson 10 – among, between / 사이에, 사이에서, 중에, 중에서
Lesson 11 – anybody, anything, anywhere / 아무나, 아무도, 아무거나, 아무것도
Lesson 12 – to try doing something / -아/어/여 보다, 해 보다
Lesson 13 – Word builder 4 / 불(不)
Lesson 14 – sometimes, often, always, never, seldom / 가끔, 자주, 별로, 맨날, 항상
Lesson 15 – any / 아무 Part 2
Lesson 16 – Spacing in Korean / 띄어쓰기
Lesson 17 – Word Contractions – Part 1 / 주격 조사, 축약형
Lesson 18 – most,best (superlative) / 최상급, 최고
Lesson 19 – Less, Not completely / 덜
Lesson 20 – Sentence Building Drill #1
Lesson 21 – Spacing Part 2 / 띄어쓰기
Lesson 22 – Word builder 5 / 장(場)
Lesson 23 – “Word Contractions – Part 2
Lesson 24 – much more, much less / 훨씬
Lesson 25 – -(으)ㄹ + noun (future tense noun group) / -(으)ㄹ + 명사, 할 것
Lesson 26 – -(으)ㄴ + noun (past tense noun group) / -(으)ㄴ + 명사, 한 것
Lesson 27 – I think … (+ future tense) / -(으)ㄴ/(으)ㄹ/ㄴ 것 같다, 한 것 같다, 할 것 같다
Lesson 28 – to become + adjective / -아/어/여지다
Lesson 29 – to gradually/eventually get to do something / -게 되다, 하게 되다
Lesson 30 – Sentence Building Drill #2

Saturday, 8 June 2013

My 2PM GROWN Album

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2PM 3rd Album - [GROWN] Version A.
Pointing up: This portion of the album even glows in-the-dark! ^^
Finally received my GROWN version A copy! Been dying to listen to the whole tracks *not wanting to listen online first-hand..keke* The album consists of the CD & with a 52-page photobook.
 Immediately flipping thru the whole photobook!!♥
Jun.K looks amazing with his new hair-do.
 And bet most the HOTTEST didn't even know that some of the alphabets below glows in-the-dark!
Try to spot the words that appear. Hint: Members' name ^^
JYP has done it again. HOTTEST~! Get ready to be annoyed with yet another JYP whisper! keke ^^
By the time I'd pen down this post, I've almost listen to the whole album track for more than 10 times & counting! ㅎㅎ

Where I got my copy from? This time was the first from ShopforHottests. Contact them: Shopfor Hottests
 My parcel received in a very good condition! Securely bubble-wrap & poster in-a-tube. 
Other than the album, I got a complimentary group's card with Jun.K's one! ^^
Also a hand-braclet!
All these for under RM 70
And here's the poster I got: Member Chansung ㅠ-ㅠ
Yea..I'm just not that fond of him (at least only among 2PM members la~)
Not saying that I'm not happy receiving it ^^
But I wanted Jun.K's one so badly~~ Too bad the stock is running out~ ㅠㅠ
Who wants to switch with me??? keke...

Shopfor Hottests' Verdict: Queries are responded quite fast, once items are ship we are notified thru the seller's FB page. Received my copy within a day! Efficient~Efficient~ ^^
The only downside is that I specifically stated that I wanted Jun.K's poster, but gotten Chansung's one. Well that's because the stock is limited~~haih what can I do~~ Overall I'm quite happy with my purchased! Given that they have replace the flaw with additional Jun.K card & not to mention the braclet! Thanks thanks~~ ♥

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