Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tropical Spice Garden Penang

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Wanna know more about herbs & spices of Malaysia or simply want a well deserved peaceful break from the hustle& bustle of the ever-so-busy lifestyle; then think no further. If you're in Penang right this instance, why not drop by  at the Tropical Spice Garden that is situated at Teluk Bahang, Penang.

Tropical Spice Garden welcoming you to enjoy a fresh experience with nature.

Friday, 15 February 2013

AGILENT MSD Team building FY11

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It's my 1st Team Building experience in Agilent with my whole Department!! What year?! It's in 2011!! Haha..I myself just found these pics wondering around our internal server.

Well that year, MSD just had a humble team-building in our own Sport Complex. Talk about lousy right?! Haha.. Should have brought us to somewhere far far away, at least that way we could have "Snake" longer.. hehe.. Plus what more if the Management wants us to meet at the Sport Complex - No more then no sweat sweat sweat!! Urgh..I hate it! XD

With such a huge group that year, they ended up splitting us into 3 Groups. YELLOW, BLUE & RED and let the fight Begins!! Go Go Go...
First GAME Begins....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

[15& SOUND] 4th SOUND ft. San E ‘학교를 안갔어!’

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[15& SOUND] 4th SOUND ft. San E ‘학교를 안갔어!’
[15& SOUND] 4th SOUND ft. San E ‘I Didn't go to School!’

Yay! JYP's 15& SOUND finally reveal their 4th track - ‘학교를 안갔어!’/ ‘I Didn't go to School!’. This time also featuring JYP's rapper 오빠 San E!
Through ’15& SOUND’, the girls have been covering songs by their JYPE's sunbaes (seniors). The girls have been covering various songs, and also split up to cover Lim Jeong Hee's "Clockwork" and Rain's "I Do" separately. They have now come together again to cover an old song titled "Didn’t Go To School" (original sang by old-school idols Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha) with the help of San E.

I absolutely love how these 3 transform the song to make a more upbeat & refreshing cover - with a silly act of them! Below is the MV, Check it out.

Isn't it cute that how they include in spontaneous silly scenes.

지민아 학교 안가???   아!!! 뭐야 꿈!

I LOL when San E is teaching them to act Aegyo to get out of school but ends up complaining to the Boss! LMAO! Jimin ends up doin the cutie-song dance-act. 정말 재미있어서 이 노래... ♥ㅅ♥

Seriously, I love how JYP made 15&'s image as cute, innocent young and carefree - as they are now, not pushing them too much for fame but still creating good music. Keep it up!!

P/S: Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha is an idol group of 2 members (twins) - Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha. Debuted in year 2000 when they were only 14 years old with "What is Dance", and "Didn’t Go To School".

Here is the Hangul Lyrics for 학교를 안갔어!

학학학학학학학학 학교를 안 갔어! 왜?
자내 소개 산선생님
JYP 동생들 중 학교를 안 갔대니
보나마나 악동 JJ Project
근데 왠걸 반전 얘네 15&
생각 잘해 말해 거짓말하면 혼나
진영이형 말안 해? 무서운 랩퍼야 오빠
SanE 15& Cosmic Sound

시작해볼까 If you feel it, put your hands in the

Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)

어쩌면 좋겠어 학교를 안 갔어
아니야 안간게 아니야 실수로 못 갔어
정말이야 믿어줘 제발 좀 들어줘
일부러 그런게 아니야 내 얘길 들어봐줘

사실 난 학교를 갔어
교복도 입고 젤 먼저 왔어
빨리 온게 너무 뿌듯해 Yeah
공책 펴고 혼자 우쭐대 Yeah
나 사실 공부도 좀 했어
노래만큼 일등 Yes Sir
오랜만에 Feel~ Feel받은 내가
K-POP STAR 박지민 맞아

선생님한테 칭찬도 받고
기분좋았어 근데
내 귀에서 엄마 목소리
지민아, 학교 안 가?
으아~ 뭐야, 꿈?

학학학학 학교를 안 갔어
학학학학 학교를 안 갔어
학학학학 학교를 안 갔어
학학학학 학교를 안 갔어

일어나 아침에 달콤한 Double K 오빠 모닝 알람
난 착한 어린이 이 닦고 세수하려 거울 속 얼굴 봤는데
Oh My God 어젯밤 라면 욕나와
브이라인 Gone 눈은 퉁퉁 어떡하죠 좌절눈물

Yo 선생님 랩으로 해볼게요
할말 너무 많아서 노래론 부족해요
우리 반에 제가 좋아하는 남자애
나보고 못생겼다 할까봐 차라리 안 갈래
그래서 그날 학교 못 가고
담날 이쁘게 하고
남자애 보러 갔는데
하~ 아, 전학갔대요 (에휴)

그그그래서 학교를 안 갔어? (어이구)
그그그래서 학교를 안 갔어? (참, 아유~)
그그그래서 학교를 안 갔어? (얼씨구)
그그그래서 학교를 안 갔어? (얘들아)

Excuse you

그게 이유? No No Where is Good Excuse?
차라리 예전 량현량하라고 걔네 핑계가 단연 낫다
아무튼 그냥은 못 넘어가
어~ 애교
그럼 안 되겠다
박진영 피디님께 일러야겠다
진영이형~ 예린이하고 지민이가요 글쎄 학교를 안 갔...
안돼요안돼요 안돼안돼 아니거든요 오빠오빠오빠 봐봐요
일 더하기 일은 귀요미
이 더하기 이도 귀요미

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