Friday, 14 June 2013

[REVIEW] TTMIK Level 4 Book Review

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If you are aiming for the Level 4 right now, Congratulations!! You are on your way to the Intermediate level of your Korean learning experience.

Lessons covered under Level 4
Lesson 1 – The more … the more … / -면 -을수록
Lesson 2 – Do you want to …? / -(으)ㄹ래요?
Lesson 3 – It can’t be … /-(으)ㄹ 리가 없어요, 할 리가 없어요
Lesson 4 – verb ending / -지요/-죠
Lesson 5 – “당신” and “you” / 당신
Lesson 6 – Word builder 3 / 동(動)
Lesson 7 – It’s okay. I’m okay. / 괜찮아요
Lesson 8 – it is okay to…, you don’t have to… / -아/어/여도 돼요, 해도 돼요
Lesson 9 – you shouldn’t…, you’re not supposed to… / -(으)면 안 돼요, 하면 안 돼요
Lesson 10 – among, between / 사이에, 사이에서, 중에, 중에서
Lesson 11 – anybody, anything, anywhere / 아무나, 아무도, 아무거나, 아무것도
Lesson 12 – to try doing something / -아/어/여 보다, 해 보다
Lesson 13 – Word builder 4 / 불(不)
Lesson 14 – sometimes, often, always, never, seldom / 가끔, 자주, 별로, 맨날, 항상
Lesson 15 – any / 아무 Part 2
Lesson 16 – Spacing in Korean / 띄어쓰기
Lesson 17 – Word Contractions – Part 1 / 주격 조사, 축약형
Lesson 18 – most,best (superlative) / 최상급, 최고
Lesson 19 – Less, Not completely / 덜
Lesson 20 – Sentence Building Drill #1
Lesson 21 – Spacing Part 2 / 띄어쓰기
Lesson 22 – Word builder 5 / 장(場)
Lesson 23 – “Word Contractions – Part 2
Lesson 24 – much more, much less / 훨씬
Lesson 25 – -(으)ㄹ + noun (future tense noun group) / -(으)ㄹ + 명사, 할 것
Lesson 26 – -(으)ㄴ + noun (past tense noun group) / -(으)ㄴ + 명사, 한 것
Lesson 27 – I think … (+ future tense) / -(으)ㄴ/(으)ㄹ/ㄴ 것 같다, 한 것 같다, 할 것 같다
Lesson 28 – to become + adjective / -아/어/여지다
Lesson 29 – to gradually/eventually get to do something / -게 되다, 하게 되다
Lesson 30 – Sentence Building Drill #2

Saturday, 8 June 2013

My 2PM GROWN Album

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2PM 3rd Album - [GROWN] Version A.
Pointing up: This portion of the album even glows in-the-dark! ^^
Finally received my GROWN version A copy! Been dying to listen to the whole tracks *not wanting to listen online first-hand..keke* The album consists of the CD & with a 52-page photobook.
 Immediately flipping thru the whole photobook!!♥
Jun.K looks amazing with his new hair-do.
 And bet most the HOTTEST didn't even know that some of the alphabets below glows in-the-dark!
Try to spot the words that appear. Hint: Members' name ^^
JYP has done it again. HOTTEST~! Get ready to be annoyed with yet another JYP whisper! keke ^^
By the time I'd pen down this post, I've almost listen to the whole album track for more than 10 times & counting! ㅎㅎ

Where I got my copy from? This time was the first from ShopforHottests. Contact them: Shopfor Hottests
 My parcel received in a very good condition! Securely bubble-wrap & poster in-a-tube. 
Other than the album, I got a complimentary group's card with Jun.K's one! ^^
Also a hand-braclet!
All these for under RM 70
And here's the poster I got: Member Chansung ㅠ-ㅠ
Yea..I'm just not that fond of him (at least only among 2PM members la~)
Not saying that I'm not happy receiving it ^^
But I wanted Jun.K's one so badly~~ Too bad the stock is running out~ ㅠㅠ
Who wants to switch with me??? keke...

Shopfor Hottests' Verdict: Queries are responded quite fast, once items are ship we are notified thru the seller's FB page. Received my copy within a day! Efficient~Efficient~ ^^
The only downside is that I specifically stated that I wanted Jun.K's poster, but gotten Chansung's one. Well that's because the stock is limited~~haih what can I do~~ Overall I'm quite happy with my purchased! Given that they have replace the flaw with additional Jun.K card & not to mention the braclet! Thanks thanks~~ ♥

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