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Handy Expression when in Korea part 2

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Other common expressions that you will come to know when watching K-dramas are agreeing & dis-agreeing in daily conversation. ^^ (Basically this is as far as what I currently know thou~~keke)

Saying Yes or Agreeing
It is almost a given/ must for you to know these expressions. As it is used in almost 90% of your daily conversation. So, it wouldn't hurt to learn right?! Hehe..

Yes – 네 (Ne) or 예 (Ye)  **Note that 네/ 예 is also used to denote that you agree or understand what the other party is saying or just applying that you are there.** Eg. When someone calls out your name, usually Koreans will answer 네/ 예 to state their presence.
Yes, I am – 네 그렇습니다  (Ne, kurosumnida)
Correct! or Right! – 맞아요 (Majayo)
It’s true – 정말이야 (Chongmariya)
Okay – 좋아 or 좋아요 (Joh-a or Joh-ayo) It also means good (I am okay with it)
I am okay -  괜찮아요 (Gwaenchanayo)
Certainly or I know/understand – 알겠어요 (Algesseoyo) or 알겠습니다 (Algesseumnida)
I think so – 그렇게 생각해요 (Kureoke saengakhaeyo)
Yes please (do so) – 그렇세요 (Kureoseyo)
Of course or Absolutely yes – 당연하지 (Dangyeonhaji)

Saying No or Disagreeing
Saying no is as important to saying yes too!

No – 아니오  (Anio)
No, I am not  – 아니오 틀립니다 (Anio, teurimnida)
Wrong – 틀립니다 (Teurimnida) or 틀려요 (Teuryeoyo)
Never – 절대 아니야 (Cheoldae aniya)
No way! – 말도 안 돼 (Maldo an dwe)
That is not right – 그렇지 않아요 (Kureoji anayo) or  그렇지 않습니다 (Kureoji ansumnida)
I don’t know – 몰라요 (Mollayo)
Of course not – 물론 아니지 (Mullon aniji)

Looks tough to master the language right??! It does seems so when comes to learning languages; it applies for all. But, practice does make perfect! So why wait~~ Aja Aja Hwating! You can do it...hehe
The most important table to gives you a good kick start! =D

I can understand most meaning of the words here when its spoken out loud or by reading the romanized words...not the Hangul characters thou~~sad sad....*Coz I'm too lazy to learn??!* Ahakz~~

Hangul is a true alphabet of 24 consonant & vowel letters. I know this much...& that's about it.. Hmmmmm...maybe should start to learn up....
This apparently is my level in the language~~ =="

Monday, 16 January 2012

Handy Expression when in Korea part 1

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When travelling to Korea or speaking to a Korean, it would be easier if you know some of these handy expression. It would help a lot, especially if you are travelling alone or in a small group without a local tour guide.

To greet someone

Hi, Hello or Good Day – 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) --> Well this is usually how Koreans greet people (polite/formal way)
Goodbye (to someone leaving) – 안녕히 가세요 (annyeonghi kaseyo)
Goodbye (to someone staying) – 안녕히 계세요 (annyeonghi kyeseyo)
How are you? – 잘 지내요?  (jal jinaeyo)
I’m fine, thank you – 잘 지내, 고마워요 (Jal jinae, komawoyo)
Thank you – 감사합니다 (Kamsahamnida), 고마워요 (Komawoyo), 고맙습니다 (Komabseubnida)

**안녕 (annyeong) comes in handy  as a expression; can mean, hi, hello or bye [further detail can refer to my previous post].  It’s casual expression though so you can’t say it to someone older or someone you don’t know personally, it may be impolite to do so.

Meeting someone

After saying hi and hello, its just right to say something like it’s nice to meet you.  Here are also some expressions you can use along with hi and hello.

It’s nice to meet you – 만마서 반갑습니다 (Mannaseo pangapsumnida) or 만나서 반가워요 (Mannaseo pangawoyo).
I am glad to meet you -  만나서 기쁜니다 (Mannaseo gippeunida) or 만나서 기뻐요 (Mannaseo gippeoyo)
I am Carrie  or  My name is Carrie – 내 이름은 캐리입니다 (Nae ileum-eun Kaeli (Carrie) ibnida)
See you later – 나중에 봐요 (Najunge bwayo, you can also hear this said as bayo instead of bwayo)
Have a nice day – 좋은 하루 보내요 (Cheoun haru bonaeyo)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A lil dose of Korean

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Hi guys!! Hows your day?? hehe.. So as my earlier post regarding what actually does "Annyeong" means?

안녕 (Annyeong) - It does has alot of meaning depending on how it is phrase..

Annyeong means:-
1) Hi! / Hello
2) How are you?
3) Good Morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening/ Good day! (Basically a form of greeting)
4) Goodbye

*Annyeong (adult saying to kids/young person or how we greet our besties/ friends)

*Annyeong Hasseyo (same age/level of profession - Formal & polite way)

*Annyeong Hashimnika (young person to higher authority as a sign of respect say this to the parents, old folks, employer, teacher, Royal family, police, person in higher rank)

But Annyeong basically has TWO different meaning:- Hi & Bye!

It can mean Hi!
*Annyeong unni, you look pretty today! ^^*

It can also mean Bye!
*Annyeong, Hope to see you soon in Korea!*

So, how do we differentiate all these apart??! Hehehe...simply..practice makes perfect! You have to practice either by watching K-dramas, get yourselves a korean pen-pal, have a conversation with a korean, etc... ^^

Happy practising guys!

Friday, 13 January 2012


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Annyeong Yeoleobun!
This is my first post here. Actually it feels weird writing here for the first time..
But, come to think of it every first time are always the most scary, intimidating, exciting step..
So, basically this blog is actually written in my own K-ways to cater for my interest & fascination about Korean cultures/peoples/interests/musics. I can still remember the first time I got the "looks" from my friends whenever they got to know how crazy I can be when it comes to Korea or anything related to it...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Till now~~I still wonder why they are not interested in this culture??! Why!! My friends always tease me saying that Koreans speaks in the weirdly rough ways (well they prefer Japanese for this matter. And I'm not~~Thinking to myself its so weird when Japanese speaks!keke...). Okay, I can accept when you watch Anime with that squeaky voice..but when it applies to real life person~~its super weird.

Lets continue...so, why K-Gongju??! "K" stands for Korean (as if you guys don't know it by know..hehe). Gongju means Princess in korean! =) LOLxx...ya I know...lame right? But who cares...I like it ma...LOL

And the header pic above I have currently? I bet most of you already know them right?! Yes you guess it right...Its 2PM! Not the 2pm as in the time where you get sleepy after a heavy lunch..hehe...but 2PM is the hottest Korean Boy-band on earth! As a matter of fact..their Fanclub are also know as "HOTTEST". And yes..I'm a proud HOTTEST. Guess which one I like the most??
Hands Up! 2PM latest album
Hmm...what else..Ohya! Its set! I've book my flight ticket to Seoul. Will be going there this coming end of March. In fact its still super chilly during that time as its end of winter/ beginning of March. Its going to be around 5-12 degree Celsius! Wow...& I'm afraid of the cold...haha.. Eeekkk...can't wait la...going bagpacking with my friend for 1 week.

Okay..GTG..Till then..Annyeong!

P/S: BTW, some of you might be wondering why I started with greeting Annyeong, and ended with it too. Well will tell you guys in the coming post. Till then...TATA..

Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Convo!

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After years of studying, finally I've graduated! Yea me!! hehe... Don't be fool by my appearance.. even though I maybe abit kpop crazy, I'm still a Engineering grad student! Haha... I still find it hard to believe myself?!

Sure, Engineering students do have it easier compare to medical students; but don't let that outer appearance fool you. We Engineering students also had our tough times every now and then.Or izzit just me?? hmmmm...


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