Thursday, 25 April 2013

[CONTEST] 11street-English Special Event

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[Special Event : Register Now or Get your friends to Register, and Win FREE Flight ticket to Korea, Free discount shopping coupon! ]
Event 1. Not a member yet? If you create a free membership account at 11street, we will choose random new member to offer a FREE Flight ticket to Korea!

Event 2. Invite your friends to be a member of 11street via E-mail or text msg, and get free guaranteed 2000won worth coupon!

Event 3. Tell your facebook friends about 11street by sharing the link with them, and win 1000 worth free shopping points!

*Event Period : April 23rd 2013 - May 31st 2013
*To participate : http://english.11st.co.kr/en/browsing/EventPromotion.tmall?method=getEventPromotion&dispObjNo=7865768

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

[REVIEW] Guesthouse - Hey Backpackers 2

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This is where I've stayed for 10 days during my trip to Seoul in year 2012 - Hey Backpackers 2 located in Hongdae Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Well not my first best choice, but it was recommended by my friend which I'm travelling with. So, I just go with the flow~~ haha
When I travel, the only thing I look for is cheap, comfortable places - Nothing fancy. So, other then that it doesn't matter to me. This review is only based on personal view & my own simple satisfaction. But, I will post out a few points people will take into consideration when picking out a guest house:


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