Saturday, 19 October 2013

연대껍데기 8,000won BBQ meat buffet in Sinchon

Posted by Carrie Ang
Craving for some meat? Then head over to this All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Sinchon (신촌). It's called 연대껍데기 Yondae Kkeopdegi. Only 8,000KRW per person!!! The best part is the UNLIMITED refills of meat & other side dishes. It's pretty much a buffet style self service place, where you fill up the provided small plates with assorted 반찬 Banchan (Korean side dishes) and 고기 Gogi (meat) as your heart desires, and then you cook the meat yourself on tabletop grills.

Sorry the pics below are so out of focus, it does the BBQ no justice at all. I was so in a rush to fill my rumbling tummy! 
너무 배고파서..미안~ ㅎㅎ
There's chicken, pork, beef, chicken's feet, squid,  intestine, etc...
Fresh veges, Shitake mushrooms & house specialises sauces. 
And more: Ham, dumpling, ddeokbokki, corn, & the most important Banchan; Kimchi!
There are also rice ball, rice, noodles & soup. But I didn't take any (well, except a small rice ball. It's delicious!) With these it's definitely too filling!
Our first round, looks not much but trust me..with just us 3 girls 2 times this amount are all it takes to fill our tummy till the max.
I wouldn't say it's the best but pretty much good enough for its price. It's definitely way better & cheaper then the Korean BBQ in Malaysia.
Look at the 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal 
Mouth watering~ Yum!
The Ahjumma is so friendly. She came every now & then to check on the foil on your gas stove to see if it needs to be change or not. She even sprayed Febreeze all over our cloths & bags to get rid of the odour before we left. ^^

How to get there
~By Subway~
Sinchon Station Exit#3. You should see a Mcdonalds outside Exit#3. Ignore it & continue to walk straight ahead until you see a T-World sign & a second Mcdonalds. Walk into this alleyway. 

It will lead you to this alley. Just walk straight ahead around 100m-200m. 
Walk straight until you see With Espresso cafe. From here the BBQ place is pretty visible by now with it's bright yellow sign-age.


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