Thursday, 3 October 2013

[DIRECTION] 2PM G+ STAR ZONE Apgujeong Rodeo Station

Posted by Carrie Ang
2PM has teamed up with Gangnam district and 'G+ Dream Project' to start a '2PM Zone' located at Apgujeong Rodeo Street in Gangnam which will only run for three months.

During an interview, Gangnam's reps stated,
2PM have been active in their overseas activities and have become one of Hallyu icons by successfully wrapping up their Asia tour, arena tour, and Tokyo dome tour. As representative artists who are receiving a lot of love from Asia, they have been selected as the first stars to take part in 'G+ Dream Project's 'G+ STAR ZONE'. Ahead of their comeback this May, we anticipate the synergy effect of 2PM and 'G+ Dream Project' to attract a big response."

This special zone is  a partnership between Gangnam district and Hallyu stars to give back to disadvantaged children through the 'G+ Dream Project'. Fan can take picture and in the same time donate here. The special zone made for HOTTESTs will be available for three months until July 31st.
Luckily for me, when I went there in mid September, it's still there! Yipee~~ ^^

It is located at Apgujeong Rodeo station (Bundang line) .
The Star Zone is easy to spot, there's no need to exit the subway station.
There's a stage-zone where fans can view 2PM performance videos.
Never get bored of listening to their song!
And what I love most bout' this star zone is their interactive section.
 Pick out your favourite member, take a selca with them & emailed it back to your own mail box! ^^
Love this part of it so much! Cam-whoring with this interactive screen the entire time! keke..
Here's one of the pic I got from my email.
And that's more of it.... ^^

What's more is that it feature a photo-zone where fans can admire & take pics to their hearts content with the life-size photos of 2PM.
Hand written letters from your favourite members!
How bout' the miniature figurine of them? 
투피엠 메인보컬 준케이가 매 초마다 더 멋있어요! ♥
아이고...너무 귀여워!!
Jun.K! ♥.♥
With the members' hand prints!
A 'donation zone' where fans can directly donate to charity! Have fun & do good at the same time ^^
Being a HOTTEST myself, me & my travel-mates really got lost in time fooling around here taking pics & all! Great way to start our day!! ㅊ-ㅊ


Nyasha said...
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Nyasha said...

Haha I took a pic there last September too! My favourite is Jun.K too ^^ It's a cool spot and I can't wait to go back to Korea and see this area again :)

Hope you'll visit my blog on video games and Asian pop culture: http://nynyonline.co.uk

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