Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kimbap Sarang (김밥사랑)

Posted by Carrie Ang

The moment I saw this lil restaurant, I Immediately went...ooo I wanna eat here! You know why? Guess it! Coz of the Kimbap! I could never get bored of it..^^

Frankly speaking coz it's cheap as well! But never did I knew it would tastes amazing!
 Their signature dish 사랑김밥 (Sarang Kimbap) for only 1,000won?? ^^

Here's the menu..

Before we could even order, they have served us with some of the banchan..
Hmmm..yummy! While happily munching away the kimchi, I'm still in the process of staring at the huge varieties in their Menu. What to eat..What to eat..

At the end this is what we ordered..
뚝배기알밥 (Ddeok-bae-ki-al-bap)
Translated as Rice-Pot. It came with a bowl filled with various herbs, dried-seaweed, kimchi, fish roe
4,000won per bowl
 만두라면 (Mandu-Ramyeon)
Simple as it may sound, it's Koreans' all time fav ramyeon with dumplings.
3,000won per bowl
And my recommendation would be the tuna rice ball; 
called 참치주먹밥 (Cham-chi Chu mok bap)
Look! It has tuna in it. Frankly speaking this has been my fav! 
Simple & delicious! ^^
테이크 아웃 하나주세요. ^^


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