Friday, 13 January 2012


Posted by Carrie Ang
Annyeong Yeoleobun!
This is my first post here. Actually it feels weird writing here for the first time..
But, come to think of it every first time are always the most scary, intimidating, exciting step..
So, basically this blog is actually written in my own K-ways to cater for my interest & fascination about Korean cultures/peoples/interests/musics. I can still remember the first time I got the "looks" from my friends whenever they got to know how crazy I can be when it comes to Korea or anything related to it...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Till now~~I still wonder why they are not interested in this culture??! Why!! My friends always tease me saying that Koreans speaks in the weirdly rough ways (well they prefer Japanese for this matter. And I'm not~~Thinking to myself its so weird when Japanese speaks!keke...). Okay, I can accept when you watch Anime with that squeaky voice..but when it applies to real life person~~its super weird.

Lets continue...so, why K-Gongju??! "K" stands for Korean (as if you guys don't know it by know..hehe). Gongju means Princess in korean! =) LOLxx...ya I know...lame right? But who cares...I like it ma...LOL

And the header pic above I have currently? I bet most of you already know them right?! Yes you guess it right...Its 2PM! Not the 2pm as in the time where you get sleepy after a heavy lunch..hehe...but 2PM is the hottest Korean Boy-band on earth! As a matter of fact..their Fanclub are also know as "HOTTEST". And yes..I'm a proud HOTTEST. Guess which one I like the most??
Hands Up! 2PM latest album
Hmm...what else..Ohya! Its set! I've book my flight ticket to Seoul. Will be going there this coming end of March. In fact its still super chilly during that time as its end of winter/ beginning of March. Its going to be around 5-12 degree Celsius! Wow...& I'm afraid of the cold...haha.. Eeekkk...can't wait la...going bagpacking with my friend for 1 week.

Okay..GTG..Till then..Annyeong!

P/S: BTW, some of you might be wondering why I started with greeting Annyeong, and ended with it too. Well will tell you guys in the coming post. Till then...TATA..


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