Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Convo!

Posted by Carrie Ang
After years of studying, finally I've graduated! Yea me!! hehe... Don't be fool by my appearance.. even though I maybe abit kpop crazy, I'm still a Engineering grad student! Haha... I still find it hard to believe myself?!

Sure, Engineering students do have it easier compare to medical students; but don't let that outer appearance fool you. We Engineering students also had our tough times every now and then.Or izzit just me?? hmmmm...

Till now I still don't get why most of my course-mates say that I had great concentration during class. Maybe that's how great my acting skills are and I just don't realise my potential in it yet? LOLX just kidding.. But, REALLY....I don't just study whole day okay! This message is to all my prejudices classmates. haha... How I'd wish that I could have great concentration in class too or at least when I'm studying. Instead after just a brief moment alone with my books, my mind just happily wonder off without notifying the body! Ishh..
                                                                                                                               This may look like a joke to you, but it's the real deal! Trust me...any kpopers out there would surely 100% agrees with me. haha

Well...luckily that four years are over for me! Don't get me wrong..I do miss those times too, just not for the studying cramping-your-head-into-words-and-equations kinda environment. I miss school time just for the great accompanying friends, nice outings & fun drinking session. =P
AIMST 3rd Convocation! Finally its time! =)
I wasn't really nervous or anything as all the graduates had our fair share of rehearsal, well sort of. Not to say its perfect or anything, but it do cut down on your nerves, helps you relax more on the actual day.
On the rehearsal day.... Backstage, actual hall, on stage...shessh..the amount of places they moves us is just too tiring! We just can't wait for the rehearsal to end....
 On the actual day...yet another round backstage before we head over to the Convocation hall...
 Look how short am I!!!! Sad case...huhu.. really hate my height! ><! lol... That's why all my bros here likes bullying right?! LOL ^O^ ...short & round..like a pumpkin...hehe..
 The Cheah brothers at the left! And my IT folks at the right...G & Kevin..
All the colours are so pretty! But I still think yellow is the best! keke... ^^
Okay I admit this hallway look scary when it's about time for us to walk up front to the Hall! 너무무서워요!진짜..
Haha...look at them..they are so restless...the speech is going on and on..well too much for us to bear~~
  Finally my fat bros! Wahaha...


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