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Directions to Hongik University 홍익대학교

Posted by Carrie Ang

English: Hongik University 
Hangul: 홍익대학교
Hanja: 弘益大學校

 Hongik University was established in 1956 based on humanitarian ideals (in Korea, the word “Hongik” means to advance the welfare of mankind). In 1948, the school’s original name “Hongmun” was changed into “Hongik”, and one year later it officially established 4-year courses with the colleges of law and liberal arts. The school merged with Sudo Engineering College in 1971 and became a university. Now there are 9 colleges with 11 divisions and 29 departments and 11 graduate schools and research institutes.

Hongik University has the most well known school of Fine Arts and Design in Korea and has built cutting-edge facilities on the campus. Sculptures can be found throughout the campus, and the Munheongwan Hall in the university contains a museum of contemporary art, which holds exhibitions by students, faculty members, or acclaimed professional artists.

There is also an International Language Institute in Hongik University with a Korean language program designed especially for foreigners.

In the area surrounding Hongik University, or 'Hongdae', a street art exhibition is held every autumn, and Hongdae students display their own artwork. Young artists from all over Korea flock to the Hongdae area, so the area has a vibrant culture. Hongdae is also the center of Korea's nightlife, and we recommend that you visit the clubs on Friday or Saturday night and enjoy dancing and music.

ㅊㅇㅊ Directions to Hongik Campus ㅊㅇㅊ
By Subway
From Hongik University station Line 2 Exit#9.


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