Sunday, 11 March 2012

~My K-Movies review~

Posted by Carrie Ang
I know I should be preparing on my presentation slides...dateline is so so so near right now..but problem is that I can't concentrate..>.< So what to do!! Instead I spent the whole entire Saturday afternoon watching 2PM's video clips, on-going dramas & movies! So taught of compiling a list of Korean movies that I wanted to watch to download so that I can watch it later after my hectic schedule which is like after 1-2months time...yikes!! Me don't like it...haha... =D
Okay then, so far I could say that I've only watch a few K-movies..actually been slowing down on this ever since I start working...never had enough time to myself! Been having sleep deprive & it's shown thru my dark dark panda eyes! >.< 

Warning!!Warning!! This review is based on personal liking only....keke.... ^^
I will give a rate from 1 till 5 giving a 5 a must watch! =)
5 Star- worth watching
4 Star- nice movie
3 Star- So-so
2 Star- could be better
1 Star- don't like it
So, with no particular order in mind...here goes...or maybe I can start with only listing the ones I consider worth watching first...else...it drags the whole post with only the ones I've watch...hehe......Let's start with 5Stars!

Rate: 5 Stars
Love Me Not
Rate: 5 Stars
A Frozen Flower
Five Senses of Eros
200 Pounds Beauty
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant 
Baby & Me
The World of Silence
Seducing Mr. Perfect 
My Little Bride
My Tutor Friend
Petty Romance
My Sassy Girl
Death Bell
Rate: 4 Stars
Too Beautiful to Lie
Rate: 4 Stars
Scandal Makers

Diary of June
Crazy Waiting
4th Period Mystery
A Millionaire First Love
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Heartbreak Library 
Our school E.T
Romantic island
Changing Partners
Art of Seduction
The Beast And The Beauty 
Temptation of Wolves
Spy Girl
My Girl & I
Phew..I'm getting tired...maybe next time will list out the rest...For now there's a few movies that I need to download first...Keep in my list to watch...hehe
To be download list!!!!!!!
Cyrano Agency
You Are My Pet
Shotgun Love
Ahjeosshi / The Man From Nowhere


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