Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Super easy way to add a Korean vocab with Direct English translation

Posted by Carrie Ang
여러분 안녕하세요! Hello Everyone!

Just have the sudden urge to practice on my Hangul again. Well I may not be perfect as I've just started learning to read the language earlier this year around April. And being a full time staff I don't really have the time to really focus on studying as I'm self-taught. ^^

So just a few hours (maybe 1-2 hours or so) per week for me to learn Hangul is all it takes for me. But for those who wanted to learn the language but don't have the time..don't fret about it. As a person's "Interest" can be a very important weapon for learning.

Ohya, being of Chinese descendant does gives you an added advantage to grasp the Korean language better as most of the Korean words have similar pronunciation as the Chinese Characters.Well, being a Native English speaker it's not bad as well as we also has its ups as some of the Korean words are direct translation of the English words itself!!

Would love to share a few Vocab I've learned throughout these months....Well I may not be of the best out there but some simple ones are still pretty fresh in my mind. Here are some Direct-English translation words for the readers out there. ^^

Korean Vocab of the day
아이스크림 (a-ee-su-k'e-rim) = Ice-Cream
오토바이 (o-tto-ba-ee) = Motorbike
바나나 (ba-na-na) = Banana
치킨 (chi-k'in) = Chicken (Well this is not the right word thou.. as Koreans usually refer 치킨 to fried chicken or something that's already "eatable" *my bad for the Manglish used here* ^^) Life chicken is called 닭 (dalg)
카메라 (k'a-me-ra) = Camera
립스틱 (lip-su-tik) = Lipstick
히터 (hi-tto) = Heater
핸드폰 (haen-du-pun) = Handphone is what Koreans called a Mobile phone (same goes for Malaysians as well)
축구 (chu-gu) = Soccer
차 (cha) = Car [To be precise 차 is car & 자동차 (cha-dong-cha) is Auto-mobile] so both can be used
팀 (tim) = Team

Happy Learning Guys!~♥  =)


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