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JYP Entertainment comes to decorate the first weekend of August! First weekend of August with JYP Entertainment!

♥ From today (August 3rd) until August 5th, the thank-you event for fans, ‘FAN’s Day’ is going to be held.
♥ Fan art exhibition, Artist gallery, Artist costume exhibition, and all other various events are ready.
♥ On August 4th, the entire JYP artist teams are coming up on stage in 2 years with ‘2012 JYP Nation Concert’
JYP Entertainment decorates your first weekend of August.

To express the gratitude for the fans, for the first time ever JYP Entertainment opens up the very first ‘FAN’s Day’.

This event, which is held at Platoon Kunsthalle, contains various events that fans could directly see, listen to, and feel with fan art exhibition, artist costume exhibition, artist photo & video gallery, as well as cover dance contest and surprise events.

On August 4th, JYP artist teams are gathering on stage in front of the fans in 2 years.
The whole JYP artists (J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, JOO, San E, JJ Project) are going to perform on stage at ‘2012 JYP Nation Concert’.

The first JYP Nation concert held in 2010 brought a lot of issues. There would be extraordinary performances of JOO and San E, who is standing in front of the fans in 2 years time, as well as the reunion of 2AM and JYP teams, addition of the hidden card JJ Project, and Jang Woo Young who started the solo performance. With all this various issues, the concert will be having rather special stages in all.

As the whole JYP Artists are participating in various events such as FAN’s Day and JYP Nation concert this first weekend of August, it is said that the expectation of the fans are rising to its maximum.

Here are some highlights from the event! =)
Jr. doing the ticketing for Fan's Day
JB doing the ticketing for Fan's Day
JJ Project on Stage
Miss A Suzy doing face painting =)
Miss A Fei doing face painting =)
Sun singing on Stage
Coffee Princess Lim
Sun & Lim

Junsu the DJ
Woo Young the DJ
Junsu having a good time with fans while DJ-ing
Chansung the Coffee Prince

Picture credit: JYP


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