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Moonlight Prince (I Am RED 난빨강 - Written by 박성우)

Posted by Carrie Ang
2월 26일 방송된 KBS 2TV '달빛프린스' 6회는 박성우 작가의 청소년시집 '난 빨강'을 주제로 유인나와 한선화를 초청해 대화를 나눴다.
Thought of sharing my favourite episode of Moonlight Prince, since maybe this book of Poem is the only book that interest me so far..ㅋㅋㅋ
For those who don't know what's this variety show is about, well basically it is a talk show that promotes reading! Hosted by the famous Kang Hodong, together with TVXQ's Max, Brave Brothers, Tak Jae-hoon & Jung Jae-Hyung. What's the show called?? MoonLight Price (달빛프린스).

Viewers can also participate & share their experience on that particular book by applying thru this LINK.

This is the book discussed on Episode 6- "I Am RED" or famously known as 난빨강 written by Park Sung Woo (박성우), that was broadcast on the 26th Feb 2013 Korean Time. Also broadcast thru Malaysian's local private Astro station on the 19th March 2013. I Am RED are a compilation of various/different poems that mainly features on the problems or dilemma faced by Youths. Great read...I find it amusing that some-how even with my lack of knowledge of that Language, I'm also able to understand it. ^^

This book will be added into my "Things to get in Korea" list this coming trip of my! Yeay!!

For those who is interested in purchasing this book, It's on sale right now for only 4,900 won at KYOBO.
Check it out: I am RED on SALE

Or purchased it thru 11st @ HERE.

Here's one of the poem:
"여러분은 지금 무슨 색일까요?"
"So, what Colour are you in now?" ㅎㅎ


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