Saturday, 23 March 2013

AGILENT MSD Team building FY13

Posted by Carrie Ang
Last month when they are announcing the annual department Team building, I was like secretly hoping for great bundle of FOOD.. Well at least that's all it came to mind at that point of time..*being a glutton person like me..you can't really expect anything beyond this right? haha* But, instead..It's held in some where called the Spice Garden?? And my friends were seriously asking this "What?! They want us to eat Spice!!" LOL

So, what so great about this place? Ooooo..It's a place of introduction to all sorts of herbs & spices that you can find in Asia. Check the place out at Penang Tropical Spice Garden. Visitors can have a visit to learn more on herbs used for all remedy. So at the same time, being said that we are going there as a Company "retreat", it only meant 1 thing: WORKOUT!
Me with workout it's like a love-hate relationship. I love to hit the gym & run my ass off when stress, but at the same time it's always a drag for me to do so...haha

We started our trip with lunch and then it's off to explore the place under the supervision of the tour guides.
Oooh..what's that you're looking at??
Look at the humongous spread of area we have to cover...
 And not to forget this important sign.. Y?? Later we gonna go for treasure hunt! Hunt what??
Hunt spice...what else la...LOL =D
The tour guide is taking us on a super compact class of the history & surroundings and maybe a lil tips for the hunt later.. keke ^^
Monkey-a-Boo looking at you~~ =]
After the tour, it's time for team-work fun! Let's meet all the team members.
After the tiring competitive hunt, whoever came back to the base camp will have the advantage of choosing the recipe to cook!
And we came to see this lining up for us!
 And with the ingredients
With only an hour time limit, everyone rush to get their dish started
Would you believe these chef of the day are all "full-time" Engineers? =P
First time seeing my boss peeling "Bawang"...haha XD
And Our main sponsor - The Big Boss
He reminds me of Huh Gak..hehe
허각처럼..이것 음~음~음 뚱뚱하다! ㅋㅋㅋ
너무 귀여!!

Look out Teams! Say Kimchee... ^^
And presenting our dish....
Looks delicious isn't it?? Hehehe.. 
And let me introduces the 3 judges of the day!
Who is the winner of this cook-off??
Well That's for you readers to decide yourself!
Till Then
Sign Off!♥


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