Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's Our Birthday! March Babies ♥

Posted by Carrie Ang
Say HI to my twins!
생일축하해 이는 내 동생에는 내 친구 야...
Happy Birthday guys!! ^^

~~Pics spam time~~
With all my 친구, 동생
I can't even reach the "A".....why la you guys so tall one..so not fair ㅋ
Izzn't this pretty??! I wanna have my own kitchen design in this way too~~ But it gonna cost a tonne ㅠㅠ
Us according to our height...Ahahaha!! This is hilarious! I didn't even took notice of it when we were standing there till I saw this pic.. =P
Oh! Don't mind those 2 with the newspaper...conveniently there's some material left there & they wanted to "look" like they were the book-wormy type..
Sceech...talk about pretentious...it so obvious k guys!! hahaha
But I still like this pic the most! me look all girly like...which I'm not! HA
~~Peace out Y'all~~


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