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Directions to Yonsei University 연세대학교

Posted by Carrie Ang
English: Yonsei University 
Hangul: 연세대학교
Hanja: 延世大學校
Motto: The truth will set you free.

Formally established in 1957 is one of the oldest universities in South Korea. And is now one of the top 3 most prestigious universities in South Korea. (As of 2013, Yonsei is been listed at rank# 16 in the Top Asia's University Ranking) Being founded on Christian principles, here you could also witness that the Christian character of the university is well illustrated by its history as school originally founded by American Protestant missionaries. Even their school's motto "The truth will set you free" originated from the Bible. With over 100 clubs and student bodies on campus, students are obviously spoilt for choices. 

ㅊㅇㅊ Directions to Yonsei Campus ㅊㅇㅊ
By Subway
From Sinchon station Line 2 Exit#2/3. Walk along the main road (between Exit#2 &3). Immediately from Exit#2 you could have seen A Twosome Place cafe on your left facing the road towards Yonsei-ro road, walk straight ahead. Along the way, a few shops such as KB, Paris Baguette bakery, T-World, Starbucks could be seen.
After a 5min fast-pace walk, you could have seen Juno Hair saloon at your left & also this church on your right. Right in front there would be a flyover. Which mean that you are on the right track. Yonsei University is just after the flyover bridge.

On foot, there would be 2 sides of the tunnel to cross over. Taking the left tunnel, would lead you to this wonderfully painted mural that was just been painted this year.

Isn't it cute! XD
After the short tunnel, across the main road; Yonsei's main gate could be seen.
Definitely worth the visit! You might ended up envying the students here. ^^ 


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