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South Korea Fast Fact

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{Fast Fact}
Capital: Seoul 
Population: 50 million
Language: Korean
Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, & Confucianism

[Specific to Malaysians]
Time Difference: 1 hour ahead of Malaysia
Visa: No Visa needed for visits within 3 months
Currency: Approx. 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 370 Korean Won (as of May 2012)
                 Approx. 1,000 WON = 1 USD

Voltage: 220V, 60 Hz 
Electrical sockets in South Korea are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The "Type C" Europlug and the "Type E" and "Type F" Schuko.
International code: +82

There is a wet monsoon season in the middle of the year and a dry cold winter from November to March. During the winter, the average temperature is around -2°C, and begins to warm up in the end of March. The coldest month is January.
Weather from September to November is beautiful and sunny with mild temperature & a little rain. The spring season, during April and May temperature falls between 15-27°C during the day and 10-15°C at night.
Summer is hot and prone to typhoons. The warmest month of the year is August. Average temperature range is 25-28°C.

{Immigration & Customs info}
Passport & Visa
Malaysians have a visa exemption for entering the South Korea for visits within 3 months.

Passengers who have no articles to declare should use the "Nothing to Declare" channel and declaring non-duty-free articles should use the "Good to Declare" channel. 
Take Note: If passengers declare their non-duty-free articles voluntarily, the declared amount will be accepted and the clearance procedure will be expedite.
Customs Declaration
Duty is imposed on goods purchased outside of Korea and brought into Korea (this does not include personal items), except for the following duty-free allowance:
  • USD 400 worth of goods may be brought into Korea duty-free. This sum is over and above the following alcohol, tobacco and perfume allowances.
  • 1 bottle of Liquor (one litre or less), worth under USD 400 (travellers over age 20)
  • 200 Cigarettes, 50 Cigars or 250 grams of tobacco (travellers over age 20)
  • 2 ounces of perfume
Duty rates very by items, but for most products they are 20% to 55%. For specific information could refer to the Customs offices in Incheon International Airport.

Incheon International Airport info
Business centre: (032) 741-3437
Customs Declaration: (032) 740-3333
Lost and Found: (032) 741-3110
Airport Website: www.airport.kr
Tourist Information Center: (032) 743-2600 (KTO)

Reasons WHY Korea is a Great Family Tour Destination
#1 Gift of Nature: 4 Beautiful Seasons
Korea has 4 distinct seasons, each season has vivid & unique characteristics which leaves you  no room for boredom! =D
#2 Past & Present
You can see history anywhere you go in Korea! =)
Modern skyscrapers stand next to the 600-year old palaces and 40 royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, which were all registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, provide a relaxing area for the busy people today. In Korea, ancient culture & tradition is not only exhibited in Museums but it also exists in the Modern Society.
#3 A Wide range of Performance & Experimental Programs to Choose from not to mention the Theme Parks here are awesome
#4 The Light Never goes out in Korea
Especially if you are living around Hongdae area. The place comes to live after way-pass midnight! It's clubbing time! =)

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