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Directions to Ewha Woman's University 이화 대학교

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English: Ewha Woman's University 
Hangul: 이화 대학교
Hanja: 梨花女子大學校
Motto: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. 진(眞) · 선(善) · 미(美)

Formally re-established as a University on August 1945 to be the first South Korean university to be officially organized. Ewha is now responsible for many first in Korean history such as Korea's first female doctor, first woman to get doctoral degree, first female Korean lawyer, first female prime minister & many more. Many of this "first" is due to the fact that many Korea women in the older generations are discourage from attending co-ed universities in Korea. (As of 2013, Ewha is been listed at rank# 40 in the Top Asia's University Ranking)

ㅊㅇㅊ Directions to Ewha Woman's Campus ㅊㅇㅊ
By walking
If you're staying around Sinchon area, then it's only 1 station away from Ewha Womans University station. By means, walking there would be preferred if you're not rushing for time. You could enjoy the scenery along the way as well. It's only 10min walking distance from Sinchon station to Edae. Just follow the road sign stating to Ewha Womans Univ.
Walking along the side-walk, till you see Watsons. Walk further 50m, and you could already have seen the subway exit.
By Subway
From Ewha Womans University station Line 2 Exit#2/3.
From the Exit, immediately Tweenie Weenie could be seen near Exit#3. Walk along the main road (between Exit#2 &3). Along the way, you would have pass by buildings like Yes APM, Etude House, Olive Young & etc. It's only a 5min walking distance from the subway exit to Ewha's Univ main gate. 
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