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[REVIEW] TTMIK Level 2 Book Review

Posted by Carrie Ang
여러분 안녕하세요...
Ever wanting to learn a new Language - Korean Language in particular? It wouldn't be necessarily difficult to master a foreign language if you have interest in learning it. For me, in particular have only been officially learning the Language after my trip back from Korea (which is around April this year). Only after 5 months, I'm able to read Hangul by my own *well that's in slow pace right as I'm super busy with work, Only able to study 1-2 hours per week*. The best part of learning Korean is that I'm able to watch my fav Drama, Movies & variety shows with less English subs. Not to mention K-pop songs! You guys out there has no idea how torturing it would be for k-pop fans to listen to those songs & not understand a single word of it. ㅋㅋㅋ

Okay let's cut the crap & get down to the actual informative part. To learn Korean, you have to be able to read the Hangul characters first. Once you've the hang of it, that's where your journey starts. There are many ways you can engage either by taking classes, self-taught reference books/materials, online-buddy system/penpal..the list goes on. But, I've found TTMIK to be the best (refer as TalkToMeInKorean). TTMIK is an non-profitable organization that teaches Korean for absolutely FOC. All thanks to the passionate teachers from TTMIK. Their lessons are easy enough to grasp with a total of 9 Levels. (Materials & podcasts are available for downloads) The best part is that all the TTMIK 선생님은 are very interactive with the audience. With regular updates from their websites, FB pages & twitter. 

With their recent Level 1 & Level 2 book launch, the reviews for it has been encouraging. The TTMIK Level books are of the lessons from their online lessons as well. BUT why buy the book when you can download all the lessons for free??
Well it's a way to support your favourite 선생님 for all their hard work!

And perhaps the nicest aspect to the book is the addition to the review sections. TTMIK has edited & improvise the lessons to fit the book format. With lovely illustration for each lessons, the book are worth the money you pay for. It's damn affordable, Price starts from USD15 per book. With every Level book accompanied by a CD audio, the price you paid for is really cheap considering the fact that the quality of the papers are not on-the-cheap-side. The prints are real good! 

I've recently purchase my Level 2 book, & it has arrive safely in a padded envelope. 
My review on TTMIK Level 2 Book
 Thanks for the message! 네 내가 한국이 공부 열심해요.. 선생님은 고마워요. ^-^♥
As you can see the book comes with the audio CD completely seal so do don't have to worry that it would get lost during transportation or so. *Haha...talking about worst case scenario..pfft* With this, you can listen and practice on your pronunciation whenever or where-ever you are.
With the lessons almost the same as the podcasts, this book actually has the additional sample sentences & not to mention the illustration are so creative and cute. The Highlighted ORANGE sentences would be the actual sentence that you will be hearing in the audio CD.
And talk about humour! I LMAO when I saw how these sentences were illustrated thru the conversation between the guy & girl. *That boy insisted that he is studying..haha busted*
Besides the lessons are nicely segregated into sections, TTMIK actually does include in useful tips on Korean Culture once awhile in between your lessons. So readers will sort-of know the Koreans & their culture better! 

So why wait. Get your own copy now. To make you order, just go to their Korean Store at the link below:

Level 1 >> TTMIK Book Level 1
Level 2 >> TTMIK Book Level 2

Level 3 is launching soon! Do look out for it at TTMIK! ^-^

현우씨, 석진씨, 경은언니, 효진언니, 경화언니, 윤아씨, 현정씨, TTMIK 선생님다 화이팅!! ♥♥


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