Friday, 11 May 2012

BackPack to Korea! Part 5 - Olympic Park

Posted by Carrie Ang
How to get to Olympic Park?
Just hop on Subway Line 5 and get off at Olympic Park station. The park will be at the corner once you came out of the subway station.

For this trip, it's due to my friend *whom is the ultimate Shinhwa fan I ever knew* came Korea for one good reason. That's cause it's Shinhwa 14-year comeback! She ever so excited about it! haha... The concert took place at the Olympic Park Stadium. Eventhou I'm not a Shinhwa fan *Shinhwa Changjo don't get mad at me ya~~hehe* and I've never have the interest to get to know who are they. Maybe I know 3 of their members tops & that's about it out of 6 members. Got to know Andy from We got married korean variety show, Minwoo cause he looks abit like Junsu??Maybe & Got to know about Eric through the Korean dramas I've watch. Ever watch Spy MyeongWol? Yup, Eric plays one of the main cast. Try watch it! It's very nice! =)

Well, I just accompanied her to the Park not the concert..hehe..& would say the place is damn relaxing. You could see people exercising in the middle of the afternoon..Well you see it's Spring, that's why the whether is so-so nice! Not like you can practise the same thing here in Malaysia! You will burnt to death! Haha...
Olympic Park surroundings
If coming by car, the carpark is around that corner
Olympic Park
Shinhwa 14th year Anniversary


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