Thursday, 22 November 2012

KTO M-Plaza

Posted by Carrie Ang
While travelling in Seoul, KTO will definitely be the place to be for quick quality information for your trip. KTO M-Plaza is one of the many branches in Seoul that provides not only with valuable information but also travellers can have a hands-on Hanbok-wearing for Absolutely FOC. No fees needed, just register your name at the counter and wait for your slot to try the Hanbok on.

Where is KTO M-Plaza situated?
This branch is on the 5th Floor of M-Plaza mall situated in Myeong-Dong. Opens from 10.30 am till 10 pm.
 Just walk into this mall, straight up to the 5th floor and you will be able to see this sign that Welcomes you to the Seoul Centre for Culture & Tourism.

The Interior Design
When you've enter the centre, you be warmly greeted by the staffs that works there.
P/S: Staffs Pics credited to their Official webpage.

Besides obtaining information from the staffs, there are also tonnes of brochures at the other end of the Centre. I love these so much!!! There's so much info you can get from here!! 진짜야..나는여기서 너무좋아해~!♥
There is also the "Free Internet Lounge" for visitors.
The cool interior designed resting area to ease your aching feet after your long walk around the city! =)
And do you intend to stroll more outside without your excess heavy bags?? You can just leave it here in the coin locker.
And there's the AWARDS wall.
And look at the cute message board that is full with warm fuzzy message from visitors all around the world.
What KTO M-Plaza got to Offer
1. Free Hanbok-wearing Experience
There's so many costume to choose from. You will be spoilt for choices. And don't worry if you do not know how to wear it cause the staff will be more than glad to help you out. There's also a brief guide for you to try it out yourself! =)
2. Culture Exchange Activities
Every now and then, they will organise all sorts of fun activities such as make-up class, Korean cooking class, etc..
3. Fun Classes
Not to mention K-pop Korean classes!!
4. Valuable information for your unforgettable visit there in Korea
The staff there would be able to advise from where is the must-visit places, on-going activities that is on-going during that season of your visit till directions and how/which is the easiest & cheapest way to get there.

How to Experience Hanbok-wearing FOC?
Just register your name at the front counter of the centre, wait for your turn, pick your desired costume & SNAP! It's just that simple.. Hope you enjoy your trip there! =)

 Look at them chatting away...hehe..cute!
아아 And this, this little 꼬마야 (kid) keeps running towards me! >.< And at first I thought she wanted to pull my dress, but all she wanted is just a give me a HIGH-5! Silly me ㅋㅋㅋ.... How cute can she be... =)


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