Monday, 8 October 2012

Cute Korean Accessories

Posted by Carrie Ang
What else can you do besides K-popping in Korea??! Shopping of course! These are just some of the cutest Korean accessories that you do not want to miss out of!

Fancy looking diaries/pencil cases/wallet
Cute casing for your water tumbler
Ever seen this cute little sponges?? They are not for baking but use in the bath. keke...
 How about a nice postcard for loves one
 A Korean-feel bookmark
 How about getting a set of adorable little toy set for the little ones?
 Personally I would loves to collect these as collectibles. Every single teddy/rabbit came in individual packaging. From purchasing only the dolls or you can also opt for getting the furniture set as well. Price varies from 5,000 won till 20,000 won
 Too pricey for the above? Then these cute little individually pack-in-a-box-your-average-stuff are only 3,000 won till 5,000 won
 Full of this "Miss-Cat theme" stuff that I don't even remember its "cat's" name. Apparently this is quite famous among locals as well
 A Cute baby doll. Don't exactly remember the price but it should be around 5,500 won to 6,000 won each
 Got the urge to buy these little panda!but at the end prefer not. =P
Reason for it? Bought a few 2PM's, Se7en other some of my fav artists' album!! =D
Cute lego-type that you could assemble yourself. Each characters comes in individual boxes
  Ever seen these number plates? Yea apparently for those who loves double-parking, at least it's a courtesy gesture to leave your contact number at your window screen for others' convenience to contact you if your car is blocking their way! Nice!
 Learning Hanguk?! Don't forget to get your own Korean-set keyboard for practice! =) 
Rilakkuma bears! Appeared in several K-dramas before..remember some?
 How about these cute Princess pencils for your princess!
 Well these are definitely not "Korean-feel" toys but they are definitely cute to-the-max! It's a battery-operated jumping characters! 
Come in 10 different Disney Characters!
Other than all these cute toys, Korea would also be heaven for girls to shop to their hearts content! Especially with the varieties of  earrings/ necklaces etc... All ranges begins as low as 1,000 won for most of the cute earrings! You could literately find it everywhere - Subways, Insadong, Edae, Dongdaemun to name a few! =)


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