Monday, 8 October 2012

How to shop smartly in Korea - Tax Refund

Posted by Carrie Ang
If you’re a visitor to Korea (or a non-resident) and are buying goods above 30,000 won at a tax refund eligible outlet, you may claim for tax refund upon your departure. There are two companies who handle tax refund in Korea; namely Global Blue (blue) and Tax Free Korea (red). Look out for the blue/red signs at the store front before you shop.

Most skin care/cosmetic brand stores are entitled for tax refund. Some even allow me to claim for tax refund even after I use the discount coupons. Remember to ask beforehand! But, luckily for my case; during my last visit to Korea a couple months back, we forgot to ask for the tax refund form. But fear not, if you still have your receipt of purchase, just go back to the branch/outlet of your purchase; claim & show them your receipt, the salesgirls are more than happy to assist you! =)

Here’s a complete guide on how to do tax refund at the airport:
Tax refunds in Korea

An attractive alternative way to save! 


Lauren Padilla said...

This is great, Carrie! Many of my friends want to visit Korea and they’re gonna love me for this! And you’re right; this is an effective way to save money. Going abroad definitely cost significant amount of money, and being able to take back some of it would be really nice. We would be coming back for sure! :D -->Lauren Padilla

Carrie Ang said...

Hope this post is of help to U & yur friends! Yeap..every penny counts right! *wink* Do drop by here sometime in the future again.. =]

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