Friday, 12 October 2012

We Grow Old Together

Posted by Carrie Ang
Reminiscing the good old days..even if it's only been a year since we last met. Still, time flies without us noticing. And even if we do realise it...life still goes on no matter what. Appreciate those around you, we may fight at times but at the end of the day we still have each other. That's what friends are for! =)

Well I'm getting a little emo ryte?! Talk about drama...ishh..lol...just thought of them somehow when I stumble across the wedding pictures my friends took of us a year ago. Wow...really am still now..digesting that some of them are really married! We are no longer JUST students right?? I miss those times thou..Am more free to express oneself than stuck in this cruel working-society-full-of-everyday-burden-and-responsibilities kind of thoughts. But, can't complain much here...everyone has their own life. GOD wrote and guide us thru differently. Just have faith in HIM. That's all HE ask for.

Well...I did attend both of my course mates wedding. And frankly speaking, it's my first time attending a Indian-style wedding. Where they had their simple-yet warm ceremony at the local Indian Temple here in Penang. Both the bride & groom just look fabulous!
Enjoying the lovely atmosphere there..
At the reception wedding...Aren't they cute together..keke.. ^^
 It's a simple yet a very heart-warming wedding!

Later, the following week, I had also attended another of my close buds wedding in KL. And to tell you... wow how grant of a wedding is this - Bollywood-style!! 최고의!!!

An unprofessional cam-whoring time with my hp..What a blurry pic is this!! Ishh...How I wish I own a DSLR cam X(
Me with my girlfriend Ranee the Queen! =D
Before the ceremony start...Look how pretty these lights are! 
Here's the bride & groom! Gorgeous couple ain't they! Fun people to hang out too! XD
 Being the King & Queen for the grant day! 
I just simply love this shot!~♥
A very unpro shots! Hahaha....
Us Batch 4 with one of our lecturer...yea one of them is actually a lecturer of mine. And a nice guy too... Well All of them are the best! Fun guys to hang out with! The whole gang Jjang~!
The funny part is that we just immediately let down of the utensil & say Cheeeeseee within a sec...lol
Look how good it turn out to be...keke...
The whole Batch 4 Gang! well...at least...its not the complete gang but the event was a blast!

A warm wish to both the couples from the bottom of the heart! Wishing you happiness in life~!♥    


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