Tuesday, 9 October 2012

K-drama Bingo

Posted by Carrie Ang
Basically over these past few years, maybe around 7 years to be exact; it can be easily said that I've watched over 100+ Korean Dramas of my liking. Usually I'm not that picky-of-a-person on dramas I watched. Any genre is fine with me as long as I find the story line amusing or interest me in some way. Personally, I would only skip those Loooong-winded-historical-drama (watching those just makes me feels "huskier"..lol..maybe that's how they should sound in the past! ^O^). 

Thinking of starting your K-drama journey? Nowadays there's tonnes of dramas to choose from various Korean broadcasting station; KBS, SBS, MBC, OCN, tvN to name a few. With 3 of the top & largest television network in Korea [situated around Yeouido South Korea] :
KBS - Korean Broadcasting System (한국방송공사) -- han-guk-bang-song-kong-sa
MBC - Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (문화방송주식회사) -- mun-hwa-bang-song-chu-sik-hwi-sa
SBS - Seoul Broadcasting System (에스비에스 / 서울방송그룹) -- ee-su-bi-ee-su/so-ul-bang-song-gu-rup

Korean Dramas are categorized into 3 major categories; a broad view of it *well at-least this is how I view of it* :
Short series - Basically with only 1-4 episodes per drama
Medium series - I would personally categorized this as Idol-series myself ^^, with typical 16-22 episodes
Long series - Family drama with over 100 episodes

But most people just categorized Korean dramas into two main forms: Soap Operas (day-to-day typical life story) & Historical (concentrate on Korean history)


With the below as some of the few that I've watched. So..how much have you guys watched so far?! Try to find as many B-I-N-G-O as you can!! =D

List ONE

Listing from top right-to-left / top-till-bottom:
Goong, Brain, Bad Couple, Dream High 1, You're Beautiful
Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Boys Over Flowers, Over the Rainbow, Personal Taste, Cinderella Stepsister
Full House, Hello Lady, Bad Love, Cinderella Man, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Winter Sonata, Spy Myung-wol, Wonderful Life, Goong S, Thorn Birds
Playful Kiss, Saranghae, Creating Destiny, 90Days Time to Love, Trees in Heaven

 List TWO

Listing from top right-to-left / top-till-bottom:
Slave Hunters, Becoming a Millionaire, Dal-ja Spring, 4 colors of Love, Fugitive Plan B
IRIS, She is 19, What's Up Fox, Time Between Dog & Wolf, Ojakgyo Brothers
When It's at Night, Get Karl! Oh Soo-Jung, Likeable or Not, Spring Day, Master of Study
18 vs 29, Happiness in the Wind, Green Rose, Hello My Teacher, Shinning Days
Bread, Love & Dreams, Poseidon, Love Marriage, Princess Man, Taming of the Heir

Finally I would say.....
Who wouldn't be...


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