Friday, 19 October 2012

My Twins?

Posted by Carrie Ang
Me for one have never met people that have the same birth date as mine. But, there's always possibilities for everything! Would you believe such thing as fate, when you found out that someone out there was born on the same day, same month, and same year as you? Well, if its only up till that point, at a certain time I would have agreed with. But to my amazement that, how could you also find someone that was also born in the same place, work under the same department and till an extend of sitting at the same area where our little cubicles are; and neither did one of our lives being cross before all these years?! Talk about deja-vu...
Haha...that would be the one day I won't be forgetting any time soon. 
This year, some of our colleague celebrated our birthday together. Oh well, since our birthday was reveal some time back; we are already known as the department's twins! Haha..never in my life would I've thought of having a sister...twin sister?! keke... Thanks for the cake!! 고마워 

Since then, it seem like we are having so much luck in finding people (within our own department) with the same Birth date as us. There's one, well not exactly twin but younger by 1 year (still same birthdate). And today, during lunch we found out that we are having another twin??! Haha...same day, same month and same year! The whole gang just LOL! What else can we do..... Four people sharing the same Birthday?? Did our boss picked their candidates based on date of birth? Hahaha...that possibility is way out of hand as all of us are not under the same boss. Our bosses should treat us all next year!! What a coincidence..하하하!!!


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