Friday, 15 February 2013

AGILENT MSD Team building FY11

Posted by Carrie Ang
It's my 1st Team Building experience in Agilent with my whole Department!! What year?! It's in 2011!! Haha..I myself just found these pics wondering around our internal server.

Well that year, MSD just had a humble team-building in our own Sport Complex. Talk about lousy right?! Haha.. Should have brought us to somewhere far far away, at least that way we could have "Snake" longer.. hehe.. Plus what more if the Management wants us to meet at the Sport Complex - No more then no sweat sweat sweat!! Urgh..I hate it! XD

With such a huge group that year, they ended up splitting us into 3 Groups. YELLOW, BLUE & RED and let the fight Begins!! Go Go Go...
First GAME Begins....

Guess who won the first game??
Nope..unfortunately it's not my team! 
2nd Game ON..
Now watch your hands k guys...Don't cheat! hehe...
This round winning Team is..........BLUE TEAM .. Just Look at their excited faces...Hey guys it's just started..Don't get all pump up!!!  >.<!! Haha...and did you notice the sour faces on those YELLOW members at the background?? LMAO!
It's the individual's turn
While others are doing it normally....this guy separated his jelly beans with style..No doubt bout' that! Haha
 And surely he was proud of the results.. 1st for his team...hehe
3rd Game begins..
Clear difference..From the looks of it. The winner is set.. There he goes again..haih...
4th Game...
Come on guys...keep up the pace...we are way~way behind the Blue team...
Tsk.Tsk.Tsk..There he goes again..Not again!! 또..또..또..왜요??!
And we can only laugh at this instance...given the circumstances...we are already way~way~way behind them!
Having our well deserve break-time at our own territory...hehe..I'm tired...when can we leave >.<!! 배고파요...후후후
Battle of the Team Leaders...Eyy...what an easy game..it's a no brainer-one..easy-easy..
And when I thought we could all go home liao...the trainers say we still have the last & final showdown..Haih...I'm tired >.<!! What could it be??!!
No other then the Human-Foosball!!
Don't play rough!! hmmmmmm...I'm scared~~~~Waaaaaaaaaa....Not a laughing matter...it's not the light flying air ball that I'm scared of but--------FLYING SHOES!!!! Weiii! That hurts... 

Finally....It All Ends here...Glad to be still in one-piece! LOL
And the results are.........


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