Sunday, 22 April 2012

BackPack to Korea! Part 2 - Nami Island

Posted by Carrie Ang
~Naminara Republic~A romantic dreamy Island where dream come true~

It's a Rainy Friday morning, usually I'll be glad smelling the "fresh-ness" of the rain early in the morning, forgetting the humid whether that make your head itch...but then again I got up today in a totally different surroundings! It's spring already in Seoul (estimated around 3-5°C), but due to the rain & that holly-freezing wind, my face experience a total shock whenever I'm outside happily strolling about. Yea..it feels like 0°C even a negative sign I would say that day...gosh...Everytime there's the breeze, it smack my face like a wakeup call. My eyes keeps tearing up...totally ruin my makeup...HAHA..XD  Never in my life I experience that kind of coldness before, even when I'm in Australia the whole spring..the whether it's already a double digit! Australia's winter too, can't get any lower than an estimated 8°C. And look at me here...freezingly cold....chillllllssss....

We took the Shuttle bus to Nami Island. Detailed transportation info, click on the Shuttle bus pic below. ^^
Nami Entrance Tickets!
Story Book on board in case your bored! =)

I can't even sleep once I'm on the bus! Not a wink! So what I do, I read! Yeap, like what the Malays would say "Lantak pi la" coz it's all in Hanguk! haha...forcing myself to read every single character. Belief or not, I only managed to read 2 full page before I give up. Too tiring! LOLxx.. =P

Too bad it's raining that day, if not we would have run freely around the Island! =D
Oh well, since we're they might as well have fun! Cheers!

 The scenery there takes your breath away!~~ haha..

Warmth all thanks to the heater! =D
We stayed out and played till a point that we can't continue no more coz it's freezing! Have to hide in the Tourism centre oredi! =P  Oh the heater is so so nice! Chuk-tah

Winter Sonata? =)


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