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BackPack to Korea! Part 1

Posted by Carrie Ang
Back-Pack!! Ever wonder if you are up for it??! You wouldn't know if you could do it if you yourself haven't take the chance to try it before. I did!! And I'm proud to say that I've accomplish one of my Life long childhood dreams! =P
My journey started when me & my friend were happily joking one fine day after watching 2days1night. Then, there's where we started this whole new crazy journey together! Haha... Without us realising 5-6 months have pass by and on that very night I thought to myself: "Gosh! How am I gonna sleep tonight?? I'm flying to Seoul tomorrow morning!"...LOL...At the end I ended up slept way pass 3am & got up at 5am..Crazy right?! XD

We boarded Air-Asia from Penang to LCCT Kuala Lumpur on very morning of 22th March, and later in the afternoon transit from KL directly to Incheon Airport KOREA! You couldn't imagine how happy we were..like  2 little kids only when we first arrive at the airport..haha..words could't begin to describe how we felt from the amazement!!!!!!!!WWAAAAAAAAA~~~~we go!!! LOLXX....
We reach there around 10pm local Korea time. After declaring our stuff, ooppss actually we don't have anything to declare, haha..we waited in queue at the immigration counter. Eventhou the crowd was huge, but as always I'm impress with how the Koreans works. They are super organize & efficient, when it's my turn..it actually took just merely 2mins & its done..Scanning your whole facial feature somemore! Haha...After that it's Off we go by AREX to the accomodation/hostel we booked earlier in Hongdae Seoul. This first time, my friend wanted to try Hey Backpackers 2, we got that Ajussi to give us special price since we are staying there for more then 1 week! =)

It's only 14,000won/weeknight & 16,000won/weekends (we stayed at a 6-ppl per room with bathroom)..How cheap can that be! But for this breakfast is not included la...what you expect for a price like this. But then again, you can get other places for around 20,000 per night with breakfast & other service. I'm so gonna go again next year! Ahaha..Let's come back to this before I wander off again =P

There's actually 3 ways to get to Hongdae: 1. By AREX (Airport railway/subway) 2.Airport Limousine (don't be shock its just a bus, but with the driver all dressed in coat!^^) 3. Taxi
Option 1: AREX cost 3,600 won estimated arrival time 46min
Option 2: Airport Limousine cost 13,000 won estimated arrival time 55min
Option 3: Taxi cost 40,000 won estimated arrival time around 45min
But, if you are on a bag-pack journey better still to just opt for opt1 or opt2. It's not much hassle either as their subway system are super efficient! Another point I love Korea! =D
We opt for AREX, the whole journey took us around 46min to reach Hongik University station. Get off at that station & exit at Exit 9. Then we walk for at least 10min more to reach Hey BackPackers2. By the time we reach, it's way passed midnight already. Super tired, but what we do...yea..left our bags at the hostel & off we go hunting for food at 2am! =)
The Ajussi even treat us Kimbap! And it's super delicious..mashida! 
Kimbap! =D
After that, we had a nice stroll along the Hongdae alley..It's super pack with people even though it way pass 2am. Know why? Cause that area is full with clubs! My Clubbing friends should be excited to be here right now!! I thought...haha...XD
And what came to mind...as usual...the guys there are super H.O.T!! XD  Can't blame me for having a good time right...haha...

After a tiring day, it's off to bed for the 2 of us. We have to get up early tomorrow Cause we are going to Nami Island! Yay! Can't wait... 
Update later in another post! =)

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